Friday, May 15, 2009

Prom 1978 style

The Stiletto Mom and Blissfully Caffeinated got together a week or so ago and concocted the devious idea of everyone showing their Prom pictures. I'm pretty sure it was in light of the Prom season being in full swing back then. Uh Oh, it is graduation season now. We had better not let these two get together again. Even worse than graduation season is bathing suit season. Jen and Mary Anne, fair warning. I am not posting pictures of me in a bikini or any other swimming attire. Got it!

For a variety of reason I didn't go to Prom. We really don't want to go there. So I called up friends and family asking them to send their Prom pictures. Nothin
g, Nada, Zilch. Reason for this lack of response? Let me show you.......

Yes Folks, It was Gunny Sack dresses galore.
Every fashionista was wearing them that year. We had just come out of the bell-bottoms and platform shoes phase and straight into farm wife chic.
Tastefully done of course.

Above is another example of the Gunny Sack style.
My wedding dress was bought off the rack at Nordstrom's was a Gunny Sack.
Even I succumbed.
Loved that the guy went for the white disco tux. Very cool.

You have to admire this woman.
She was bold enough to steer clear of the Gunny Sack.
Yay!! Brenda!
Whoever you are.

So, this tribute to Senior Proms in 1978 was brought to you by the lovely, generous, and brave people who put their pictures up on Google Images. Yay! Strangers!

Now, that is all to see here. Head on over to Jen and Mary Anne's for some more Prom madness.



  1. Now, that's just disappointing. I so wanted to see you in a Farrah Fawcett do.

    I was lucky - I went to the prom in 1981, post-gunny sack but pre-ruffled to death. But you don't find many dresses quite as pink as the one I wore.

    I think your blog is getting used to me; my word verification is "bratto".

  2. Bwahahaha!
    That's hysterical! While I can admire your loathing of the dresses, I can only focus on the backgrounds, the 70's seascape complete with seagull and the crepe rainbow! Love it! Let me know if you want to Spin it and I'll add you!

  3. I actually think the middle dress is beautiful ... that is kind of disturbing, huhn?

  4. Is that Brenda's Dad with her? Thankfully, there are now laws about grown men showing up at prom...or at least I think there are. Also,I'd like to know where to get that paper rainbow in one of the pictures. Classy!

    Thanks for calling out total strangers today!

  5. I'm okay with the dressing going out of style, but I miss the hair styles.

    My hair was made for big old wings.

  6. OK, first of all, you will NEVER see me post a picture of myself in a bathing suit. I would rather stab myself in the eye with a shrimp fork. That being said...

    There is an EAGLE in the background of the first picture. Holy hell. And the giant rainbow arch? Is fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing! You are linked.

  7. I'm coming over from Stiletto Mom to say what's with your friends not sharing the prom picture love? I love pictures from the late 70's! I was born exactly 7 years too late!

  8. Oh, the hair! And that porn 'stache! Sweet!

  9. I was around for that gunny sack look, but I wasn't buying it. Nope. I wasn't going to give my hippie look for anything.

    They can make all the fun they want at our hair and fashions, but you can't our rock and roll back then, can you?

  10. Prefers Her Fantasy Life: You are so right. Our rock & roll was the best around. Look how many classic rock stations there are out there. HA! Take that you young whipper snappers!

  11. My prom picture is awful! I wore white velvet!!!

  12. Nice getting out of it but I'll expect your actual prom pictures in my inbox sometime soon. Youch on the dresses. Just youch. Can you imagine if they came back in style? I'm sure it'll be soon.

  13. LOL I was actually prom-time a little earlier....'73 and before. Still plenty of eyelet but seemed more halter-style then. Who really remembers. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

  14. Fabulous pictures. Thank God those days are gone, huh?

  15. OhMyGosh... I totally forgot about Gunny Sak dresses! They were too expensive, so my mom made me a knock-off version of one when I was a pre-teen.


  16. I loved Gunny Sax clothes. They were such a relief from the HIPPY generation stuff, whew. You are just not old enough to remember all the non-clothes out of the 60 and and 70s.