Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time Was.....

Time was that this was the way Americans got their news.

From magazines that would send reporters and artists out to the battle fields.
To record the battle with hand drawn sketches.
Talk about embedded reporters.

War was very personal back then.
You looked your enemy in the eye.
Sometimes your enemy was your neighbor, friend or brother.
With technology war has become very impersonal.
It's sad really.
Would we be so eager to engage in war if we had a personal relationship with our opponent?


Sorry about getting all preachy. When I look at magazines from 1864 I can't help but make comparisons.


  1. thanks so much for your most thoughout question I believe you are right the personality has been taken out of war for both those on the homefront and those at war

    thanks so much for your great comments you left on my blog

  2. Devoted Spouse is a Civil War buff so we tour battle sites frequently. I grew up on east coast and was always at Gettysburg w/dad - what always bothered me was how young these boys were who went off to war - just children themselves. Warfighting today is so different but just as horrifying.

  3. That's some food for thought, and a really good point. You librarians, always making us have the deep thoughts.

  4. I agree with your point.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Magazines from 1864? I would love to see those!
    I know that wasn't really your point...but that just seems so exciting to me.

    Definitely food for thought. I keep thinking about what an artist's interpretation of war today would be...and printed in a magazine.

  6. I have thought that many times myself and you are right on. Hell the original Star Trek series did an episode on this very subject. Cheers!!