Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moving or how to meltdown in 5 easy phases

I try to be pretty up beat and zen about most everything but this move has just kicked my butt.

Wednesday morning I totally melted down. Poor JR got a weepy call from me that pretty much ran the gamut from: "I'm never going to find a place for us to live" to "I don't want to move out of the expensive but wonderful suite hotel to some thing half the price that doesn't have cool flat screen TVs and a wine and cheese social". This phone call included a bunch of blubbering, a bit of weeping, and just a little sniveling.

Let's break this down into manageable rants:

House hunting: God, I hate looking for houses by myself. I'm not looking for much; 3 bedrooms, a couple of baths and a place that will take my pets. Two dogs and one cat.
Cat = no problem,

Dog under 40 pounds (so he's not quite under 40 lbs but he would prefer that we not talk about his weight. I understand) = no problem,

big ass 1 year old puppy = big problem. When a dog is over 60 pounds but under a 100 landlords immediately jump to the conclusion that they are vicious pitbulls. Our Nessa is a doopy, loving, fairly well behaved Goldendoodle. She doesn't chew, bite, or crap in the house. She jumps, licks, and has an annoying ball retrieving habit but only with me.

After seeing 4 or 5 places I did come up with a house that I'm pretty happy with. So a day that started out sucking big time turned out okay.

Grocery Stores: I've been scouting grocery stores because ( all together now) Michele's cheap. According to the CNN cost of living calculator groceries should cost 17% less in Houston than Phoenix. This excited me in a way that is probably against the law in many southern counties. I'm pretty sure CNN is lying to me. I haven't find the groceries any less but time and figuring out where the hell everything is will tell.

So far this is what I've got:
Houston store = Phoenix equivalent
Randels = Safeway
Kroger = Fry's
H.E.B = ??? I've got nothing. It is sort of like Fry's

Spec, Wine, Spirits and Fine Foods = my new love. It is an uber liquor store. There was a nice young man working there that lead me to a wonderful little Pinot Noir. With the purchase of a bottle opener, wine glass, and that lovely little wine. Ahhhhh........meltdown over.

Here's hoping that there are no meltdowns in your future.



  1. You're going to love Texas. Everyone I've ever met that has moved there loves it.

    I can't believe I was talked into moving away.

    Hmmm...a meltdown may be imminent. Or maybe just some self-pitying whining.

  2. Congrats on finding a house! And finding a liquor superstore. That is what they call "putting down roots."

  3. I live just north of Austin, and I love it. I grew up in LHC, AZ and then spent about 12 years in CA. I am so glad I finally found my "home" in TX! We have Randall's and HEB. I absolutely love the HEB! They have this great program that they have yellow coupons all over the store. Lots of odd, buy these pop tarts and get free milk, or buy this brisket and get 10 free items. I pick up the yellow coupons on my trips and normally save at least $15. I shop for a family of 3, and we typically purchase beer at Spec's - but we eat lots of FRESH veggies and local foods (because I am half on my way to crazy) and it's MUCH more affordable than Randall's

    I know of Kroger's and Brookshire's from the Dallas area. Their meat selection may be better, but, HEB kicks butt on all other fronts.

    Enjoy Texas!

  4. Save me some Pinot!!!
    I hope this house ends up being everything you need! (You know, in a house.)

  5. Hit that Pinot Noir heavy baby - it will get better I promise - heck I'll come to Houston and help you and you can laugh at me trying to pick up anything with a bad shoulder and bad back - that should help your meltdown. Love ya, mean it. Wanna borrow my Bersa 380??? hehheehehehe

  6. Ugh, moving is SOOOO stressful! I hope you find a new home soon.

    However, I did make some left-over Michele inspired soup last night with some Thai Coconut Curry broth (by College Inn AND zero points - delicious!!) and leftover broiled scallops and zucchini in the fridge. Add some chopped carrots, onion, and some leftover cilantro and you have a HIT on your hands. Thanks for the inspiration!

    And I'm still trying to find my perfect piece of cod to try that other recipe!!

  7. I'm sorry you're having a rough time. Moving is so stressful and living in a hotel (even a nice one) wears out quickly. Glad to hear you found a house and lots of liquor. That should help.

    He he he, the word verification is SEMIN. I'm easily amused.

  8. Well, toots, moving is just plain hard, especially once you hit 29 and holding, LOL. If you can walk to the liquor store from your new digs, the drive was worth it!

    Recently retired Army Spousal unit thoroughly enjoyed his stint in Texas. Says the local folks were some of the nicest he'd met and that he wouldn't mind living there.

  9. Moving sucks.

    You definitely deserve a good cry.

    Glad you found an okay house.

  10. How about I stress over it for you? Then, whenever you feel like you're about to lose it, you can remember, oh yeah! Jen's got it! Maybe that would help.

  11. Embrace the move. Love the move. Be the move. Sorry I am not good at zen. Thankfully I am pretty good at moving. Side effect of military life.

  12. Moving is STRESSFUL, you're fully entitled to a meltdown. Glad it was assuaged by a glass of pinot.

    Hey are you going to start stalking the Stiletto Mom?

  13. Hope the house hunt is over for you! Do you bring along pics of the big fluffy dog and show them all like its a new grandchild?

  14. I was wondering how the house hunt was going... didn't know if you were going to rent or buy.

    We have a similar problem with one of our dogs who is a Shepherd mix... we have to put lab mix on our insurance forms or our homeowners insurance would skyrocket. If someone broke in, he'd probably show them to the TV and computers and then ask the intruders to open his treat jar.

    Glad you found a place to live and some booze.

  15. I'm not planning on any meltdowns, but I think I'll stalk up on wine just the same.

  16. Are you in the Houston town proper, or in the outlaying area.

    When do you start your job! Oh the excitment of new beginnings!


  17. Hey there:

    I have to say I know exactly how frustrating it is when people think the big dogs are the scary ones. Frankly, I worked in a dog shelter and those little fuckers do a lot more damage b/c they are so much more skittish and louder, I might add