Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Tuesday - Librarian Themed


I decided to do my Random Tuesday thoughts today about librarians. So while the thoughts are random the post has a theme. Mmmmm....does that make it no longer random? So sue me. It's my blog I'll do what I want.

  • I have the coolest job in the world. Back in July of 2007 the New York Times wrote an article about librarians entitled; "A Hipper Crowd of Shushers." Not to be outdone the librarians at NPR recently decided to show that librarians are not conservative dressers who wear sensible shoes and ill-fitting clothes from a generation ago, and make unfortunate decisions about hair. Check out their new slide show. I think even Stilleto Mom can appreciate the file drawer full of shoes.
  • One of the commenters for the NPR article flatters librarians then asks a reference question. How cool is that? Do you think he's got a fetish - women's shoes and librarians?

    "love smart librarians in high heels! Can you please tell me how many women's shoes are manufactured in a year in the US? Also, how many shoes on average does an American woman owns? Thank you!"

    Friday, February 27, 2009 11:12:21 PM

  • When I got my tattoo a couple of years ago the tattoo artist was very excited to be tattooing a librarian. It seems I was his first. FYI, I was very gentle with him but afterward he was a whole new man! HeeHee!

Yep, this is my tat. As alums (JR & I) from Washington State University it gives a whole new meaning to; "Go Cougs" at our house.


  • On a totally unrelated topic (oh wait, that makes it random. Duh) while digging through our cork collection we found; 1.) a pair of glasses; 2.) a remote to some kind of electronic equipment; 3.) a wine stopper; 4.) some beads; 5.) some child named Timmy. Do you think we should do something with all of these corks or continue to collect? And, does anyone know Timmy's parents cuz damn, I don't need another boy in this house!
  • It is Casey's from Half as Good as You birthday today. If you can get a chance head over there to wish her a happy one.
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  1. Um...isn't a wine stopper a CORK?

    Why do you collect them anyway?

  2. Keely: A wine stopper re-corks the bottle but is easier to get back in then the original cork. Them things are a bitch. Why we collect them? Hmmm...The Boy wanted to do a craft project out of them but that doesn't seem to be happening. Now, they have become a point of pride/embarrassment.

  3. You should have gotten a Dewey Decimal System code tatooed on ya. Now, THAT would be hot. Cheers Michele!!

  4. Hey you......I got a little tatty meself a few years ago. On my left boobie!! Now, when I'm a really onld woman, won't I be so embarrased when they are flopping to the side and sagging?
    Oh well, who cares. If you have enough martini's, who cares right :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. I always thought it was cool that my cousin became a librarian, especially since he looks NOTHING like your typical librarian. Librarians rock!

  6. I love the library. I stalked a guy I was in love with for about a month while I was in high school. He was smart and thought I was smart since all I did was "hang out" at the library all day. A romance made in library heaven : )

  7. You are one COOL lady!


  8. The librarians at my library need to take note that times have changed.

  9. Many years ago I bought a kit to make a wine cork bulletin board out of all my saved corks. Then I lost it. Then I found it, but didn't have a place to hang it in my new home so I didn't make it. Then I lost it again. But if I find it, I'll send it to you!

  10. I have cork collection too! Mine always has random beer caps in it. Recently, I took a whole bunch of them and made a cork board. It was a blast!

  11. How many corks do you have?

    Love the librarian theme - definitely fun.

  12. K: I've got probably about 100 corks.

    CCG: That is what we planned to do with ours but we've been too lazy.

    Heather: If you find that kit I'll take it.

    Blue: sorry to hear that your librarians are not cool.

    Sarah: LOL!

    Jen: thanks, I think so

    Reggie: Amen

    Matt: So what should have been my subject heading?

  13. 100 corks? My goodness! Where do you keep them all?? And how long did it take you to collect them? (That's my polite way of asking if we should send you to AA meetings :) ).

  14. I collect wine stoppers too. I cannot even believe that I found someone else who does. I am not sure I even fully believe it!!!!

    I have all sorts of them -- glass, enamel painted, seashell-topped, and all sorts of others.

    I am shocked.

    You really are the coolest shusher of all time.


  15. Thanks for the birthday card, I LOVE it! I'm definitely feeling the bloggy love today.

    You are by far the coolest librarian I know. I actually know (and have worked pretty closely with) a few. They were cool but nobody is cooler than you. I love how the dude in the NPR article turned his comment into a question, very appropriate.

    Happy Tuesday... sorry I'm getting here so late but it's better late than never! Thanks again for the bday wishes, I had a great day of wiping baby butts and shuttling the kids around. I did get flowers and carrot cake, who could ask for more?

  16. We have two librarians, one is the old fashioned, scary kind and my kids give her a wide berth because she NEVER SMILES. Miss Nancy is our favorite librarian, very fun! Love your tat!

  17. Yay, librarians! If I were one, I would totally use that sexy shushing thing on my husband.

  18. I started reading this post and mis-read the first line to read that it would be about Libertarians. What the hell? Interestingly, it didn't make sense. I couldn't quite figure you out until I clued in that I'm stupid!

    Anyhoo - great post!

  19. Michele - My grandmother was a teacher and librarian. I love libraries and have some wonderful memories of many hours spent in them. I've read recently that libriaries are experiencing upswings -- makes sense in these budget-conscious days. Also: I keep wine corks, too! Not every one but most. I've seen them just piled in clear vases or bowls for decor. I also used one as a ceiling-fan pull, but that wouldn't put a dent in your collection.

  20. Shoes? Did you say shoes? Must go view slide show now!!!

    I have to know though, how many freaking corks do you have if you can find that much stuff and a small child named Timmy in them?? We may need pictures here....

    Getting caught up around here, have been a bad bad bloggy friend of late!