Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day.

And of course, the only way to do that is to post old Valentines cards that are somehow very interesting and kinda creepy all at the same time.
I mean what's with the top two cards?
The little girls knickers are showing.
Aren't those two at the top a little young to be posed quite like that?
And where is the little boy's other hand?

I'd like to say all kinds of loving (read sappy) things about JR today but I think I might just spend the day showing him what he means to me.
Which is going to be really hard (no pun intended or not much) because he means so much.

Everyday, I wake up wondering why he sticks around (considering how high maintenance I can be or how high maintenance I want to be).
Oh well, I don't plan to enlighten him.


p.s. I'm going to consider this my spin this week. The fabulousness that is Sprite's Keeper gave us an extra day and since I'm such a procrastinator I'm once again squeaking in under the wire.


  1. Those are lovely vintage valentine's. I have some that were my mom's in 2nd grade which makes them 70 years old. I have some in shadow boxes and it never occurred to me to post them. What a sweet idea :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Some of the hidden meanings in those Valentine's make today's kind seem pretty chaste.. You're linked!

  3. Very cute, but very creepy V-day cards.

    Hope you have a great day girl. Try not to think to hard (pun intended)about the why's. He obviously loves ya!

  4. I think I need to buy a pair of knickers now. Do you think they come in adult sizes?

  5. Yes, where is that boy's other hand? :-)

  6. The whole idea of "knickers" is kinda creepy. Happy Valentine's Day, I hope you had fun!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering what was going on in that top picture.

    Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you and JR have a great day (and awww at the cheese about JR). ;)

  8. I am glad you think those valentines are a bit creepy too.

    And I am also glad I am not the only one who wonders why my HB sticks around. I sometimes think if I was him I would just walk away without a backward glance.

  9. I happy Valentines day to you and your hubby. You're both very lucky to have each other

  10. I agree. There is something a little creepy about those cards. Happy Valentine's Day back at you!

  11. Admit it... you totally meant it as a pun. And I love you for it.

  12. I hope you and JR had a loverly V-Day weekend. cheers Michele!!

  13. Just saw your Spin from V's day.. very nice. I think if K got a pair of knickers in her size, she'd have to post a picture on her blog. Yep!