Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brain Droppings

JR and I spent most of last night cleaning up after a sick dog (and by that I mean it was coming out both ends of the dog. Just in case you are eating breakfast or lunch I won't bore/sicken you with the details. Just for the record, I'll never be walking barefoot on my bedroom carpet again. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend? That's right. Carpet cleaning. I'm so looking forward to it.).

I'm not awake enough this morning to post something interesting/informative about grocery store savings. I am working on it though. Tomorrow is the day that the grocery store sales flyers come out around here which means I'll be posting about power shopping. Just a warning, so you can get your game on. You'll want to plan your route. That's right folks, you'll possibly/probably/will be hitting more than 1 store. That's the way it works. Unless, of course, you only have 1 store in your town. God help you! You are at their mercy.

My loop takes me a total of 9 miles. Where I hit 4 grocery stores and the Michael's craft store (I love Michael's. I'm always in need of paint or painting supplies). This may seem like a long way but these are the closest stores to me. Since I only go to the grocery store once a week I consolidate all my shopping. I tried only going every other week but it didn't work out so well. Back to once a week for me.

Enough about that. I'll go into more details tomorrow.

Here's a picture of our tree. It only took me 4 days to get this thing decorated. If the Boys had gotten their lazy butts up off the couch to help I'd have been done sooner. Or maybe not. They also think that there are too many ornaments on the tree. Yet again, if they had participated in the process than they would get a vote. Since that didn't happen they can just shut their yappers!

Here's our fireplace. I hate it that we don't have a mantel. Next year I'm going to build one. I don't own this house so I'm not sure what the landlord will think but who cares. The dang thing needs a mantel. A big heavy one. Something to break up the 14 feet of rock. Image me rubbing my hands with glee! I get to pull out the power tools. I love my 10" compound mitre saw! And, my nail gun isn't too shabby either! Now, that I've exposed my power tool obsession you can easily guess where JR will be shopping for my Christmas present.

Just ignore the paintings to the left. They are drying (it takes like 3 weeks) so I didn't want to move them. I was going to give them away for gifts this year but JR has decided that he really, really likes the one on the right and I'm liking the one on the left more everyday. So no one gets a painting this year.

Our work Christmas party (or Holiday party as they like to call it. Let's all be PC why don't we) is today. I won't be attending. We are upgrading our content management system next month so I'll be attending a webinar during the party. I'm consoling myself with the fact that I don't need all those calories. It's not like I'm going to hit the gym anytime soon. Oh, that's right, I'll be cleaning the carpets this weekend. That's a workout, right?

Anyway, have a good day everyone.



  1. Carpet cleaning burns calories...
    Our carpets are always covered in dog puke, baby puke, or spilled sippy cup. We're always spot cleaning them, it's disgusting.
    Glad you got the tree done, it looks great! We're not putting one up this year...
    And FOUR grocery stores? That's madness...

  2. Love the tree! Ours took less than an hour to decorate, which explains why yours looks so much better than mine.;)

  3. Your tree is beautiful. I like the painting on the left, but the one on the right is pretty darn neat, also. (I want one)

    And I am making your grocery and cooking tips a part of my 2009.


  4. Cleaning carpets can be serious exercise. Try doing lunges while you're pushing it out, only don't get caught in the act. Especially if you have teenage boys around.

  5. Your tree looks stunning, you did a great job.

    And so does the fireplace (in Arizona?) and the paintings. I like the painting on the right too.

    Gee I hope your dog gets better soon, like immediately.