Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper challenged us to tell all about our blog. You know, why we named it what we did. Why we started it. Direct quote from Jen: "Why do you blog? Why did you begin? Tell us all. An autobiography if you will." I didn't read all the fine print or the disclaimers so I'm hoping that I've fulfilled the contract well enough to avoid any unpleasantness.

I’m going to declare here and now, mine will be the lamest reason ever. That's right folks I dare you to come up with one more lame than this.

I started my blog because I had to. There! Top that suckas!

I was taking a social networking course for work and one of the assignments was to start a blog. I had all of one day to sign up, pick a name, and post. I had not one clue about what I wanted to say, if I had anything to say, or a care about if anyone would read it later. I was under a lot of pressure. I wanted that certificate for my permanent file. Not that I would get a raise or anything. I'm sure it was latent competitiveness kicking in (it will never happen again. It's way too much work).

I chose my dogs because we had just gotten Nessa. She was and still is very amusing. It seemed easy. I’m all about easy; probably because I might be a bit lazy (just a bit mind you) . Okay, I am lazy! Okay, Okay I'm all out full-tilt lazy. So sue me.

Why, I kept blogging after the class was over was a complete mystery until just recently. Recently, I discovered a whole bloggy world. My eyes opened wide. I saw the bloggy light! I was reborn. It was a soul wrenching experience of extraordinary magnitude. Too dramatic? Whatever! It works for me.

I keep blogging because I love the community of bloggers that I read and comment. You all are some seriously clever people. You are open, funny, and most of all real. That makes me want to be all those things also. Thank you. No, seriously THANK YOU! Now, I’m going to get all vaklempt! Damn menopause. Give me a second….. Okay all better.

Now for some helpful holiday hints:

This is from the Arizona Office of Tourism. It is too dang cute for it's own good. I hope it makes you smile. I didn't (alright I did a little) then I started thinking about how I could use this type of technology for my own personal and professional fulfillment. Could I be more selfish? Yep!
Click here to see the craziness.

While you are listening to the wonderful song that is the 12 days of Christmas (I'm sure the author meant Arizona). How about getting some Christmas wrapping out of the way by using Crapwrap. Go the extra mile because nothing says Merry Christmas better than Crapwrap.


P.S. My BFF Julie sent me the link to Crapwrap and I'll be forever grateful for this and because she is a great sport.


  1. A means to an end...that's cool.


  2. Second! Your reason is definitely a first! Whatever the way you began, I'm glad you stayed with it! Linked!

  3. My reason was similar. I did it because I had to, because Debbie told me to. And if you want to know why I do everything that Debbie says, well, read my blog!

  4. Michelle -- I found a link to you at another blog where you mentioned having babies in the mid-1980s and I was so happy to see somebody else in the blogosphere who was birthin' babies then, too! Love your blog. Looking forward to visiting often.

  5. Those two links were fun, I had a good time laughing.

    I,too/also, really enjoy this blogging world of friends I have discovered!

    The whole blog thing is just plain cool!


  6. Hello! I've been in hiding. Hey, can you ping me with your email address? Contact me at I'm sending out an email blast soon for the Blog The Rockies event. Thanks!

  7. Hi Michele,

    We smiled a little bit too.

    Thanks for posting our holiday card, but full credit goes to Liz Adams ( for illustrating our beautiful card.

    Oh, and if you are interested in the page turning app, check out:

    Easy to use and pretty effective...for you own selfish purposes.

    Arizona Office of Tourism

  8. TOP 10 BABY!!!

    For an assignment (and in general), your blog totally rocks.

    Cool that you got a comment from Troy at the Arizona Office of Tourism! Kudos to Liz Adams ;)

  9. That's hilarious that you HAD to start the blog. You're right, that IS a first. I had to create a web page back in my freshman year of college but that was 12 years ago and I couldn't tell you anything about it.
    Glad blogging stuck with you, I like moseying on over here to see what you're up to. :)

  10. I love that you had to start this. But I am thrilled that you kept it going!!!!