Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog Award Musing

Bloggers are a funny bunch. Mostly funny HaHa not funny peculiar (though I'm pretty sure there are peculiar bloggers out there. I just don't read them. Or I do read them but I don't think they’re peculiar. Maybe I should stop now.)

Two of the blogs that I stalk read consistently are Captain Dumbass and Goodfather. Very funny men with obviously way too much time on their hands like the rest of us (Or stay up late at night or get up very early in the morning or waste time at work or neglect our real family and friends for our blog family and friends. Not that any of us do that I’m just saying…)

Anywho, Captain Dumbass and Goodfather seem to have been talking amongst themselves about the awards that are passed around the blogging circle. They have got it into their heads that said awards are just a little too feminine for their liking.

Being the anal-retentive trivial information gathering librarian that I am I decided to do an informal, un-quantitative, un-scientific, probably inaccurate, and completely qualitative study of the matter. Yes, gang! I am this anal.

After a quick, and I mean very quick (you can only do so much at work. Not really, I did this at home. Honest I did!) look at the blogs that I stalk, haunt, bother follow I think I can understand where they may have a point. So let's test their theory (in a totally un-authoritative way):

Butterflies and the color pink. Manly? Not so much.

Woman reclining on leopard skin bed. Manly?

Maybe not but what guy wouldn't want to come home to this?

Pink with houses. Manly?

Well, the houses part maybe. Once you buy a house you have to get all the manly tools to repair it or maybe that is what happens at my house. It could be that we tend to buy crappy houses.

Hooked implies crocheting or knitting. Some men have been known to knit.

Red heart and pink happy faces. Enuf said.

Paisley? Manly?

Big pink bow?

You do have various gender neutral awards and tags. Take Sprite's Keeper spin cycle bling. It's not too girlish. Guy's, you can't possibly have a problem with it.

Also that November blow me thing.

These are the awards that Captain Dumbass and Goodfather came up with.

Manly? You betcha!

Now you decide. Does the blogging world need to become a little more gender neutral, more PC, or more manly?

I'm making no judgments here because as a good little researcher that's not my place. Like any good conclusion to a study report I must call for more research and the funding to go forward with it.


Cameron over at Get the Stink Off and Mum-me at Our Aussie Half-dozen gave me these two. I love you, man! I'll be taking care of the requirements for these later.


  1. Ha ha! Excellent research. I don't think I'd seen all of those awards on one page yet. I almost dropped my curling iron. :D

  2. Wow. You did your homework. When I go back to school and have to write a research paper, I'm totally calling you.
    GF and CDA can't deny that they love the girly bling too. But seeing their manly awards was fun... especially since they passed them out to the whole blog world!!!!

  3. LOL!!! Like those manly awards!

    Email me!

  4. What an amazing collection of awards! And...they are girly-girl stuff, except maybe the last ones.


  5. I'll admit my peculiarity. Hell, I revel in it ;)

  6. Congrats on the awards! I think they were getting a little too pink for my taste as well. It was time those awards finally manned up....

  7. Yeah, I especially love the pirate looking award!!

  8. All those awards are overrated, whether they are girly or manly. And I'm not just saying this because I have not received any of them yet!

  9. Yes they were mostly girly awards, but I rarely come across a male-written blog so I never thought about it much.

    I think you mentioned once before about how these awards were like a strange sort of blogging ritual, which made me laugh, because you are right! I always feel a bit apprehensive about passing them along. Some bloggers seem to revel in them whilst others just ignore them. And then I wonder if the ones who ignored my award are really trying to tell me to 'go jump' so when I get awarded I always make sure I acknowledge it because I don't want the awarded to think I am telling them to 'go jump' because I really am touched that someone gave it to me, but then sometimes you wonder if they gave it to you just because they didn't want to offend the person who gave it to them .... and do you think I think too much about these blogging awards?

    Anyway, I decided to start collecting them in my sidebar. Makes me feel happy, in a peculiar sort of way.

  10. goodfather: Don't burn yourself.

    DeeMarie: I'll be happy to provide research help.

    Haf Doz: Me too. See you Thursday

    Linda: Yeah, I think the guys were a bit tired of pink.

    Cameron: Peculiar can be good.

    Casey: I agree.

    Heather: Pirates good but the tape measure pointing up gets me every time.

    Beth: It takes awhile to get into the grove.

    Mum-Me: I have hugely mixed feelings about the whole awards thing. I like them but I feel bad about them. Weird huh?

  11. The manliest-looking award I ever got was one for 'fantastic mother' or something. Go figure.

    I do like me some pirates though.

  12. I joke, but I'm a whore for recognition, floral or otherwise.

  13. Hilarious! And I don't see anything wrong with blogger dudes giving each other little awards. Kinda sweet, actually. So pink up, fellas.

  14. That lame I Love Your Blog award, with the red heart and the smiley faces is very dorky, but I have to say, I love it.
    I haven't seen the latest that you just received. Those are cute.
    It almost makes me ashamed to admit how much I love these awards.