Monday, November 3, 2008

Spin Cycle - Forklift driver morphs into plumber

I wanted to get involved with Sprite's Keeper spin cycle dohickey but wasn't really sure I wanted to take on something as polarizing as the upcoming election as my first attempt. Then this came across one of my librarian blogs and I just couldn't resist.

It is from a 1993 Onion article.

Anyone think that Joe went from forklift driver to plumber in the last 15 years?

Anna, I still plan to do a list later today because I really like the button.



  1. Wow, so the average Joe Schmoe gimmick is just recycled from an earlier race? I feel cheated somehow..
    You're funny! You're also linked.
    Welcome to the Spin Cycle!

  2. That's a great first spin!! I heart The Onion. We were just talking about it here at work earlier today!

  3. Love The Onion! Good reminder that it's basically the same crap, different election.

    Great first Spin!

  4. It wouldn't surprise me if it were the same guy! Nice spin, glad to see you spinning!