Monday, November 3, 2008

Listlessness Monday

I really wanted the button that Anna has on her site. Sure call me a button slut, it's okay I can take it.

1. But earlier today I just had to spin a bit.
2. Then I had to think of a list.
3. Then I had to drink some wine in order to think of the list.
4. Then I had to stare at the painting that I started this weekend. OMG, it's calling me again. If I had better light in my studio I'd be so there. Don't you hear it?
5. Then I had to make some cookies out of the Halloween candy that we had leftover. See tomorrow's post for the recipe. All of you HASAY members may want to not stop by unless like me you have been eating your weight in Halloween candy. Then this is a great recipe to hide that offensive candy. Take all the cookies to work, your co-workers will never know it's there.
6. Then I had to check out other blogs. The downfall of all of us ADD types.

Hey, cool I made a list. Does this qualify?




  1. Button slut.

    What? You said to call you that exact name. I'm just doing what I'm told. :)

  2. Button slut? I love it. I've been called a blog whore, but I much prefer blog tease.

  3. I love man whore but I don't really qualify. What was that about Halloween candy cookies?

  4. I like button, too. I had quite a selection on my old blog and now I don't know where I would put them. Welcome to my world, eh?


  5. Button slut is a great term. I don't think I can use it on me though.