Monday, October 20, 2008

New Cookbooks. Yippy!!!

This weekend was Educator and Librarian Appreciation weekend at Half Price Books. I couldn't have been more happy. 20 % off of everything!! You'd have thought I'd died and gone to cookbook heaven. I also drug in 5 bags of books for credit. Oh sure, I could have walked out $71 richer but Noooo. I bought cookbooks. I ended up spending $2 for all these cookbooks and a dozen smuty romance novels. Fair trade I say!

To add more bliss to my life Mondays have become listlessness Mondays. Which means if you blog you can get away with doing a list. So basically, we can phone it in.

Listlessness Mondays make me very happy. Mostly because I've got nothing interesting to offer today (I had toyed with the idea of showing you all the 1916 Homemakers Schedule I came across in my library. Which is very fun but now you'll have to wait a bit). I spent my whole emotional, monetary, and written self ogling, fondling, and reading my new acquisitions. Plus, if I do this list I can get a button from Anna.

I love free stuff! I especially love free stuff that I don't have to work to hard for. I don't like to work very hard. Hard work throws off the whole sloth-like existence that I want to cultivate.

I went for the Williams-Sonoma theme for the cookbook purchases because I love the first 2 in my cookbook library. So here's my list....

1. Savoring Pasta & Rice (I couldn't resist this one. They should have named it hips and thighs because that is where all these recipes are going to end up anyway.)

2. Grilling & Roasting (I bought this one for the guys. Maybe JR will take up cooking. Oh Whoops, he can't read cookbooks. It's seems that this is an actual phenomenon. It manifests itself in a lack of cognitive ability to read anything that smacks of cooking. I didn't know he was afflicted with this illness until we were married. Very strange illness. He seems to be able to read the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. I'm sorry I guess that edition doesn't require much actual reading.)

3. Desserts (No comment here. I think we all know why I bought this. In one word Chocolate)

4. Soups, Salads & Starters (Ok, one of them had to be good for us).

5. Stir-Fry (This was for my lazy self. I mean really how hard is it to stir-fry?)

6. Savoring Appetizers. (Two reasons for this purchase... A. Just because I am lazy doesn't mean that I want guests to know it for a fact. B. Make enough of these puppies and you have dinner!).

So there is my listlessness Monday list. I promise that as I use these cookbooks I'll pass along recipes. At least the good ones. I wouldn't want you to suffer. That is for JR and the homeboy. I'm just looking out for all of you.


P.S. We'll get to the 1916 Homemakers Schedule later because it is really too funny.



  1. Oooh, I love me a good cookbook. When I used to work for a big name publisher back in New York, we'd fight over the advance copies of the glossy, pretty ones full of drool worthy photos...
    Of course, which one do I use the most? The good old Better Homes & Gardens cookbook from like 18 years ago.

  2. I love cookbooks too. I read thru recipes word for word just like a novel. And drool over the pictures.

    I always dig thru boxes of books at garage sales for cookbooks.

    My favorite novel of all is The Endearment by Lavyrle Spencer. Have you read it?

  3. Jr doesn't believe it but I use every cookbook I own. Just not all at the same time.

    I haven't read much by Lavyrle Spencer. I'll pick one up or even better I'll check one out from the library. I'm more of a Julia Garwood fan along with Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Sandra Brown. Oh my the list just goes on.

  4. Someone must have though stirfrying was difficult, or they wouldn't have written a cookbook...
    Now I'm waiting for good recipes. Can you try all the ones from the dessert book first? Thanks.

  5. I'm thinking that the dessert cookbook begs to be tried first. JR and the homeboy have run out of homemade ice cream and chocolate chip cookies so dessert cookbook it is.

  6. My mother and sisters read cookbooks as though they're good fiction. Not me, though. Old cookbooks are best...for the pictures.