Saturday, September 6, 2008

Arches National Park at sunset

I drug poor JR away from his beer, his book, and his lounge chair to get a few photos of the sunset. Actually there wasn't too much dragging to be done. I got up grabbed my camera and he followed. He does that a lot, follow me. I really should feel bad. He followed me to Indiana when I went to grad school and he followed me to Arizona when I got my first library job and I'm fairly certain he'll follow me in the future. Sometimes I'm not sure why he puts up with me. I'm just thankful he does. But I digress.

So as I scramble around the rocks near our campsite in order to get the best pictures, trying to avoid falling (this happens to me more than you'd think) or stepping on some sort of venomous creature (this has never happened but I'm not taking any chances) JR is calmly standing in a prime viewing location to watch the sunset. I did notice that he brought his beer. What's a Irishman to do? You can't let your beer get warm and flat! Oh sure, you'd still drink it but why let it happen in the first place.

JR is thoughtful that way.
Not frenetic and ditsy like me.
Maybe this is our way of balancing the universe.

I try to be Zen!
Really I do!
I just don't seem to grasp the whole calm concept.

Not that JR is all that Zen.
He just has an Irishman's fatalistic view of life. Basically whatever will happen will happen so there is no sense in getting worked up about it. Just sit down watch the sunset and enjoy your beer.

Of course, that being said, when he lets loose his temper watch out!
The curse words fly!
For all of about 3 minutes. Then he's done.

Back to being calm and serene.
There were no diatribes on this day.
Just contemplative sunset watching and beer drinking.
What JR does best.

Oh Yeah!
And watching his crazy wife scramble around the rocks taking pictures, trying not to skin her knees and the palms of her hands (this also happens to me more than you'd think), and trying to avoid anything in the least bit poisonous (taking no chances here).

Hope you enjoyed the photos.



  1. I keep leaving you messages and they are not showing up!

  2. Now that that one showed up I will comment again to tell you how beautiful those pictures are.

    I just love the picture where the sunset made the world blue.

    Did you do any painting while you had such awesome inspiration?

    Glad you had a great "honeymoon"! We have gotten away for two of those outings too.

  3. I didn't even take my paints but I have so many pictures that I have already started 1 painting and 3 drawings. When I get them done I'll share. If they are any good of course (then again that has never stopped me before).