Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Aunt Ruth

I share with you lots of stuff from JR's family (mostly because I have a lot of stuff from his family. Stuff is a technical term librarians use. Bet, you didn't know that.) Today I'm going to share pictures about one of my favorite people. Oh sure, I shouldn't pick favorites but I just can't help myself. She is just so darn funny, sweet, and all around wonderful. She lets me tag along after her even though I'm supposed to be a grown up.

I give you my Aunt Ruth.

Along with my mother, Aunt Ruth's friend Betty and her family Aunt Ruth has traveled around the world. At least once.

One of the greatest stories is the time that she and my mom went tramping in New Zealand. These two old ladies (my mom was 60 and Aunt Ruth was 70) put 20 pound packs on their backs and then hiked for 30 miles. 10 miles a day for 3 days. At one point some nice Brittish men (my mom called them boys so they must have been about 30) offered to take their backpacks up to the next campsite for them. How sweet! Mom and Aunt Ruth, the intripid women that they are said, "Oh thank you but we're OK." The nice Brit promised them tea when they got up to the campsite. Several, and I mean really truly several hours later mom and Aunt Ruth made it to the campsite. Low and behold the nice Brits had tea all ready for them.

When mom told me they were going tramping I told her the I always knew she was a tramp.

Aunt Ruth is always up for a lark. One year her and I took a dozen college students (my homeboys and their wild and wicked friends) to some of the Washington State Wineries. I've got to tell you she hung in there with those kids. And she doesn't look too drunk in this picture. I'd hate for you to think that I am a bad influence on her. I am but she doesn't know it. It's the sweetest thing about her.

Turning 80 a couple of years ago hasn't stopped her. She and Betty are still traveling around the world. Last I heard they had gone to Holland to ride some boats down the river. I'm sure she had a great time and I bet Betty got sick. She gets terrible seasickness though it doesn't stop her from going on boat trips.

Here are all the sisters. The bottom picture is of my mother. The top picture is of my Aunt Ruth (on the right) and my Aunt Vivian. My mom is the only blond in the bunch.

I've got to run. It's that whole work thing. Someday I'll fulfill my one career goal; to get paid to breath until then off I go but not before I say; I love my Aunt Ruth!


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