Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chair Pads

A few months ago I posted about Nessa's habit of attacking my dining room chair pads. No chair pad was safe. Innocent chair pads that happen to fall off the chair were eaten. Chair pads that sat contently on the chairs were unmercifully chewed on. She would nibble on them even while we sat on them.

No chair pad was safe I tell you!

At one point I debated the merits of buying new ones right then or waiting until Nessa found them to be not such a delicacy. There were pros and cons to both scenarios.

A couple of the pros to buying new ones immediately were; a cushy place for our tushes, and our dining room wouldn't look quite so ratty. What was left of the old ones looked really unattractive. The big cons in this scenario were forking out the $15 to $30 dollars a piece (way too much money to toss away on something that Nessa might chew up) and it would demand that I make some sort of design decision. This is actually the worse con for me.

I tend to be very eclectic, some would call mismatched. I like to call it "shabby chic in theory". With all this decision making to do I opted to do nothing. Very passive aggressive of me!

For months now our poor little fannies were sitting on hard chairs with half eaten chair pads. Then I was out shopping at JC Penney's today.

I found chair pads!

The original price for the new chair pads was $30. they were marked down to $8.99 plus another 50% off. Each one came out to be $4.31 each. They also matched the other stuff in my house. How cool was that?

I quickly snapped up the only 6 they had. Not only cheap but the right number also. It must have been fate!
I couldn't be happier!
My tush couldn't be happier!
My non-existent decorating sense couldn't be happier!

I came home triumphant! It was very primal of me to show off my spoils to the homeboys. I felt like JR's cat when he brings in his latest kill (not that he does this very often). I'm not sure why I was expecting atta girls but I was. What did I get?

The homeboy said, "they look delicious!"

JR said, "Have they been Nessa tasted and approved?"

Very funny men live at my house. I'm just not sure for how much longer!


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