Sunday, July 6, 2008

Grand Canyon - Winter and Summer

Winter at the Grand Canyon.

Summer at the Grand Canyon.

We moved to Arizona in the summer of 2006 and found that it is compulsory to take visitors to the Grand Canyon. In honor of this hard and fast rule. We have now taken 2 trips to the Canyon. The first trip was in the winter and the latest trip was in the summer. I have to say that it is spectacular in both seasons. I'd like to share a few of my photos from each visit.

Check out the difference in the color of the sky. One of the nice things about Arizona is the light. I have to agree with Linda McCartney when she said that Arizona taught her about light (paraphrase). The light and shadows and contrasts in Arizona are an artist's dream.

Am I the only one that thinks this dead tree is great?

Just to tell you what a big dolt I can be I forgot my digital camera for the summer trip (just last week). So pardon the pictures from the box camera then scanned into Photoshop. The resolution isn't that great and I had to do a bit of adjustment on the color.

If I was really clever (you'll be able to tell I'm not) I would have taken photos from the same viewpoints for comparison. That would have been cool, that would have been interesting, that would have been so artsy, that would have meant that I had some foresight; none of that happened. If there are 2 pictures taken from the same viewpoint it was totally unplanned.

Zoom in on this photo. See the National Park visitors standing on the edge of the canyon.
If this looks dangerous It Is! It's not like there are hand rails.

During the summer months it is not unusual to get a rain storm. We get lightening, thunder, rain, and wind. Makes for some really wonderful clouds!

Ok, unplanned event!
This picture was taken in the winter and the one above it was taken in the summer. They were taken from about the same viewpoint. The biggest difference is the magnification. Wow! What are the odds?

During the winter there are hardly any clouds in the sky.
Makes a stark contrast to the red rocks.

I really like the way that the snow settles on the ledges.

The Grand Canyon can not be beat for awe inspiring vistas. The vastness of the place is incredible. Makes you realize how little space we humans occupy.
As I wax poetic about the Grand Canyon get a load of my niece's face.

She's not that impressed.
When you are 13 it is hard to be overawed by what she called, "a big ditch!"
God love her!



  1. Hi there, great photos! We are actually planning to visit Grand Canyon South Rim in December, but we don't know how the weather is like during the winter. I've researched online, and some people said the weather is bad and can get quite extreme. We are wondering if it's safe to go during the winter or should we just wait til summer? We are thinking of doing like a one-day bus trip from Las Vegas, so not sure if it's worth the 10-hour bus ride! Any advice or comments would be helpful. Thanks!

  2. JL: When we went it was lovely. The Park Service keeps the roads and paths cleared. We didn't hike down into the Canyon so I couldn't tell you about that but right around the rim was great. COLD though. We live in Phoenix so anything below 50 is cold. I think winter is my favorite time. Less crowds, crisp weather, and the colors of the canyon and sky are so much more intense.

    Have a good time. Oh, we went 4 days after Christmas. We stayed in Flagstaff which is lovely also.

  3. JL: Check out the weather reports. That area of Arizona has gotten hit with a lot of snow recently.