Saturday, June 28, 2008

My love/hate relationship with my ceiling fan

I never really thought putting a ceiling fan in th
e master bedroom was a very good or attractive thing to do. Until we moved to Arizona. In Arizona, putting one up is not just nice it's necessary! Decorating sense, aesthetics, and your own personal decor fly right out the window (which I hope to God you don't have open) when it's 110 degrees outside.

This is the one that JR and I decided to put up in our bedroom. I love it and hate it at the same time. Perverse of me I know. The thing is it does what it is supposed to do. Moves air around. But it has some quirks that if we had known about them when we bought the danggum thing we may have (that's not right, we would have, for sure, no doubt about it) picked a different fan.

Wanna know the worst thing about this fan? The one thing that makes me hate it. See the little light bulb. That cute sweet little light bulb is making my crazy (not that it takes all the much to make me crazy). That light bulb has a base on it that isn't standard. I know what your thinking. How can something so trivial be such a bother. Well, let me tell you it can! You can't find these light bulbs just anywhere. Only the store that we bought the fan from, which will remain nameless. Just know that their initials are HD. Not only can you not find them anywhere but they don't come in a compact florescent. This one thing is the real bone in my craw. It is the only light in the house that isn't and I have to look at it every morning. It's taunting me! I just know it is!

One last thing. Installing this fan was a real ego buster. It tested everything I thought I knew about wiring. It wasn't really the fans fault. It was the fault of whoever wired the ceiling electrical box. Everyone knows that the white wire connects to the white wire and the black wire connects to the black wire and if you have a red wire that is for a 3-way switch. We don't have a 3-way switch. Don't take my word for it. It says so on the instructions for installing the fan.
But when I wired this baby in the white wire connected to the white wire (so far so good) but the black wire on the fan did not go to the black wire hanging from the ceiling. No, that would be too simple! The black wire wasn't the hot wire, the red wire was. This is not right! It took me taking this thing down & putting it back up 3 times before I figured that out. I felt so inadequate.

It's up.
It's doing it's job spinning air around.
It's taunting me with it's impossible to find and non-eco friendly bulbs.

What more could I want!


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