Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I couldn't let Father's Day go by without posting something. My choices were to talk about my Daddy or JR. I picked JR. My Daddy has been gone for 12 years now and I am still not over it. Talking about him on Father's Day would be too painful. Not that talking about JR is a ever problem for me. Everyday, I wake up wondering why he sticks around (considering how high maintenance I can be or how high maintenance I want to be).

JR became a father on September 20, 1983. For those of you doing the math (I'll spare you the headache) it was almost six months to the day after we got married. As my Daddy liked to say, "the first one can come anytime, it's the second one that takes nine months".

This homeboy is 3 months old. What a sweetheart!
Check out JR trying to catch some zzzz's.

A year and a half later they are walking on the beach. I love this photo. It is one of my favorites. A Daddy and his boy checking out the water.
If I wasn't way too old it would make me want another baby (Lord, I didn't really say that did I).

The next homeboy came 2 years after the first. I'd like to say that he was more planned then the first homeboy but I really can't lie to you. It was only by pure chance that he was born just a little more than 2 years later.
Doesn't look like it bothered JR any. Of course, he didn't just push 7+ pounds of baby out of his body. Don't see me in this picture do you?
And this is the last time that this particular homeboy slept through the night!

This was a favorite game for JR and the homeboys. The youngest looks like he's having a great time. You'll see a bunch of pictures of him. He's much more of a ham than his brother. Look at him mugg for the camera and he's only 6 months old.

Here he is again. Grinning as usual!
This is JR's favorite photo. Some of the best shots are spontaneous.

Of course for his 1st birthday he couldn't smile. Neither, could his brother. But, Dad looks great! I had forgotten how much I like him in a beard. May have to bring it up. We could always practice!

The beard is gone but he's still cute. Cute kids too! Pardon my thumb.

Took the homeboys to Florida one year to do the theme parks. Turns out our homeboys are not real amusement park fans. Took them back to Disney World in 2005, only to find out they liked the animal exhibits best. I guess that's what you get when you breed geeks!

This was at Universal Studios. They just had to see the Ren & Stimpy stuff. All my homeboys were (still are for that matter) Ren & Stimpy fans.

Jr & the youngest homeboy went to Cooperstown, NY to see the Baseball Hall of Fame in the Fall of 2005. What a great trip for them. They both are sports mad. They still talk about this trip. Me, I stayed home to have some alone time. Boy, did I ever need it!

You've probably notice that there seems to be a big gap in the ages of our family pictures. It really isn't that bad. I just didn't want to spend anymore time today going through another thousand photos, then scanning them in, then using photoshop to fix them up (call me lazy! You wouldn't be the first and chances are not the last). Plus, we have bunches of just the homeboys, some of JR, and very few of me (I'm the designated photographer).

So, JR if you decide to read this (though you usually don't, unless I force you into it by whining and crying) You've been a great father to our boys and I'd make you a father all over again (but only if we could adopt and it was free and I could hire a nanny, and a cook, and a housekeeper! Where is Alice when you need her!)

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!!!


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