Thursday, May 1, 2008

Old Irish Postcards

From what I hear collecting postcards was a really fashionable thing to do in the early 1900s.

It must have been because we have a whole book of them.

They were collected by my husband's grandparents. On both sides of the family. There are several from Ireland, Norway, and the United States.

There are some for just about every holiday; Christmas, New Years, Easter, and Thanksgiving. Very few have any writing on the back but the ones that do are very interesting.

None of these do though (or I would share. I know I'm like that. My life is an open book, just a very short and boring one).

I've scanned into my computer quite a few (and refrained from photoshopping them up. Give me points). I thought I would share them with everyone (mostly because my real life is boring, I think I already said that but it bears repeating).

I do think they are a fascinating bit of social history.

These are just some of the Irish ones.

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