Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Glacier National Park - Again

I have a trip to Montana coming up soon which has compelled me to pull out the old Glacier National Park photos.

This is a photo that was taken in to the local Bartell's, (probably in West Seattle, Washington) to be blown up and colorized.
Cool huh!

This is "Going To The Sun Camp"
It is from a series of promotional photo's done by the Great Northern Railroad. I couldn't guess the date but I figure sometime in the 1930's.

"Two Medicine Lake"
Another promotional photo. I have a book of these with the original cover and cord that ties them all together. It is starting to fall apart a bit though so I'll have find some gumption to preserve it.

This photo shows my husband's Grandmother (on the left) and her friend Mrs. McDonald, ca 1920's. Notice the fancy driving clothes. My fancy driving clothes consists of sweatpants and a T-shirt. I like that fact that the car actually takes up more of the picture frame than the people.
Who is the subject here?

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