Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Early Morning Hi-Jinks!

With me being away for 5 days, then the weekend, then the holiday, and then an extra day off, our (the dogs and mine) morning routine was all messed up. The dogs were just not sure what to do. Where were the art supplies that are usually cluttering up the kitchen table? Why weren't JR & I sitting together drinking our coffee before we start our day? Why wasn't anyone throwing the favorite ball (we all know which ball and we all know who would ask this question)?

So this morning we all got back into the swing of things.

Art supplies are now cluttering up the kitchen table. I started a new drawing. Looks like I'm starting a bridge period. We won't really know for a little while yet whether this is a full blown period or just a one-off thing.

Tripper started smiling:

And Nessa went back to annoying me with her favorite ball:

And all was right with the world!

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