Friday, March 28, 2008

Martini and Movie Night

Tonight is “Martini and Movie Night” at our house. Every so often we get some movies, some vodka, some nachos, and some friends together then shake things up. On the bill-of-fare tonight is The Rutles courtesy of my friend Lisa and her Netflix’s account. I haven’t seen this movie since it first came out. Ought to be fun!

For those of you, who haven’t seen this movie, here is what the DVD sleeve has to say, “Rock legends George Harrison, Mick Jagger and Paul Simon all make appearances in the satirical “mockumentary” about a rock group suspiciously similar to the Beatles from Monty Python veteran Eric Idle. The spoof chronicles the fictitious band’s rise to fame and the making of their hit songs (including Please Please, Let Me Hold Your Hand” and “I Am the Waitress”) and movies (Yellow Submarine Sandwich and A Hard Day’s Rut).”

I have plenty of other things I could be doing tonight like, putting the final touches on the presentation I’m giving next week, or packing my bag, or cooking healthy meals for my homeboys to eat while I’m gone (I have to do this so they won’t go out ever night to eat), or making sure that my suits are clean, or cleaning the house, or about a million other things. Am I going to do any of these things, NO! That would be cheating. I must do everything at the last minute in order to make it a challenge. I have faith and Xanax to ensure that everything goes well.

My friend Sara and my youngest homeboy thought this was the perfect T-shirt for me. I wonder why?

by Fred Babb

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