Saturday, March 29, 2008

Martini & Movie Night Review

I think that Martini and Movie night went well. Fun seemed to be had by all and that is the most important part. I learned a valuable lesson from the movie. "It's all about the trousers." Truly! My friend Julie and I try to take away little gems from each of the movies we watch. Here is the list of our current favorites:
  1. "Where's my piratin' outfit?" Movie: Yellowbeard (this one is number 1 for a very good reason. We find that it is appropriate for almost any situation).
  2. "Where's my map? And if you tell me you don't know where it is I'll nail your tits to the table!" Movie: Yellowbeard
  3. "Have fun storming the castle!" Movie: Princess Bride
  4. "That's no ordinary rabbit" Movie: Monty Python's The Holy Grail
And now "It's all about the trousers." We'll try it out for size for awhile to see if it sticks. Do you see a theme here?

As you can plainly see I am not working on my presentation. Yes, it is two days and counting. And yes, Xanax is becoming a more viable option. God love pharmaceuticals. There honestly is a better life through chemistry. Back to the presentation, I really do have most of it done. It is just the notes part that I'm still working on. I tend to be a wing-it kind of gal and I have all expectations of screwing it up. Since, I've lowered my own expectations no matter what happens it will be ok. One of my many mottoes that I like to live by is lower your expectations.
I have several more and someday I will list them all.

I'll be out of touch (or more so than I normally am) for a few days.

Take Care!

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