Friday, February 29, 2008

Bad Puppy Again

So, we lost another chair pad to the ravages of puppy teeth. This particular chair pad had not even fallen to its death. This one was maliciously pulled from the chair and gutted. Now, I have to make a choice. Buy new ones now or wait until all the existing chair pads become puppy fodder. I could try to find puppy proof chair pads if there is such a thing. Though, I doubt they would be very attractive or comfortable probably something along the lines of stainless steel. Not that anything I own was purchased for its aesthetic appeal. Mostly I go for function, price, and feeling. Maybe that is why a friend once told me that I had an eccentric style. This necessitated a conversation about the difference between eccentric and eclectic. I believe that now I am eclectic but am working towards eccentric. It is kind of like a goal for me without the 30 cats.

I hope you can tell from the photo that Tripper has lost a few pounds since Nessa came to live with us. Like most guys he lost it in his face and tummy. All you women out there know what I'm talking about:-)

1 comment:

  1. Nessa's arms look so long in that picture! Pretty soon she'll be taller lying down than Tripper is standing up.