Tuesday, August 16, 2011


(yeah, so, the thing is, I've been trying to pin the Random Tuesday Thoughts logo up here all day. You can see how that worked out for me but I'm getting on with my life because I just don't need anymore frustration. Especially with Blogger who I love because it is easy (normally) and hate because it can be temperamental. The only one allowed to be temperamental in my house is me.)

It's that time. Stacy is still hosting which is nice of her. Please go visit others who have chosen to play Random Tuesday Thoughts.

I received this in my email yesterday:
Hello Michele,

This is Karen Voda at I am contacting you in the prospect of a collaboration, which I believe will help you interact more with your readers and significantly increase traffic to your blog. has recently developed a self-guided walking iPhone app for Houston and would like to sponsor a promotional quiz on it. Would you consider featuring the quiz on your blog? Readers who correctly answer to most of its questions, will win 3 free iPhone apps developed by to any city of their choice.

For bringing more exposure to your blog, we will promote it on our website: and also offer you 5 promo codes of any of our apps for your personal use. Or why not, for rewarding your most loyal readers.

Please let me know your thoughts on this at your best convenience.


I'm thinking about it. Since, I travel a lot I think this would be a fun app to have. Would any of you take the quiz? Do you like the idea of a phone app with beer walking tours in Germany? I'd never get to Germany but they have other cities that I do go to. I'm not sure. I'm conflicted. I'm conflicted a lot.

New collection coming soon on the Digital Library. 

I love these cartoons. I want some of them hanging in my house.

It looks like I'll be up in Austin at least once every single month for the next 3 months. That drive in my craptastic car is going to cripple me. One of the things I plan to go to is the American Moving Image Archivist annual meeting. There are archivists out there that are restoring the coolest old films. Films like the one shot right after the Great San Francisco earthquake. 20,000 leagues under the sea, and a ton of others. We are all trying to save these things from total meltdown. That's kind of what they do, meltdown. The emulsion separates from the acetate or whatever medium they were attached to. You can tell when it is doing it by the pungent vinegar smell it puts out. Hence the name; vinegar syndrome.

I picked up a new laptop on Thursday. Our old one died a serious death. I'm loving the new one but it needs a name. I'm thinking; "he who runs fast", "big memory", or "Stella".  I did learn this morning that 'control -' (dash) makes the view very small and 'control =' makes it bigger. I didn't learn this intentionally. I learned it the hard way. I couldn't read the dang words on the page. Trial and error. It's the way I roll. 



  1. That's an interesting sounding app. I'm in Houston as well. I'm an andriod user though, but I'd be happy to take the survey and help you out.

    Thanks for the tip on changing the size of text. I can use that one.

  2. I can only imagine how cool those old films are. Pretty exciting that they're being restored.

    I don't have an iPhone so the app wouldn't work for me.

    I do that size up, size down thing all the time because every blog is different!

  3. Ah, the fun of preserving media. I am gaining an appreciation for old films. Sounds like an interesting project.

  4. I imagine a beer walking tour in Germany consists of 1) leaving your lodging 2) walking into the nearest beer hall (most likely VERY close) 3) drink beer 4) repeat

  5. I'm goin' with Stella :)

    (I can hear Marlon Brando's "STEEEEEEELLLAAAAAA!!" from A Streetcar Named Desire :)

  6. I invite you to my new blog.
    The perfect gift.

  7. Stella!
    Love your sitting area. At home we have the new patio which I love. In WY we have the porch but not the furniture yet. But the porch is being used to house lots of lumber and the such yet. Maybe someday soon.

  8. I say name it "White Bottoms". I am seriously crushing on that cartoon. :-)

  9. White Bottoms! I'm with SK. Love it.