Monday, April 15, 2013

My Second Favorite Pan

My first favorite pans in the whole wide world are my cast iron pans. They are a lovely deep black non-stick miracle. I heart them big time. I use them with abandon. But, sometimes they not what I need.

Then I call on my trusty saucier pan.

I've had this pan for at least 15 years. It is just starting to show its age. This pan and I have something in common, showing our age. But its handles are still tight so I think it is in a little better shape than I am. Its younger, what can I say?

You can see that the sides are not cut sharply. See how they have a sloping curve from the bottom up the sides to the top? It is easier to get a whisk into the corners. This makes it easier to stir sauces (I adore sauces. Any sauce. Any time. All the time. And, it shows).

Though I've been known to make soups and risottos in it also. And, poached eggs...OMW, it is great for poaching eggs. I think it has to do with the fact that it is not terribly deep and it is wide at the top making dropping the eggs in simple and painless (I'm notorious for burning myself. I've been cooking for 40 years and I still burn myself on a fairly frequent basis. It's a little embarrassing.). I make poached eggs at least once a week so this pan gets quite a workout. It is the ultimate multi-tasking pan.

The biggest lid from my stainless pan set fits this pan. Because, of metal handles this pan can go into the oven making it ideal for braising, roasting and finishing off meals.  Making it that much more versatile. If I have a choice I choose this pan. My enthusiasm for this pan makes me sound a little weird but it is just that awesome. Are you totally uncomfortable now?

I've loved it since I brought it home and JR has hated since I brought it home. He says it is hard to clean. I say he doesn't try hard enough. I'll keep using it until it falls apart which it doesn't look like will be anytime soon. Reinforcing the statement that you get what you pay for. At the time that I bought this pan it cost about a third of my whole set from Costco. I think it was around the $50 mark. If it broke I'd pay twice that much for another one.

Do you have a favorite pan? Do you have a saucier? If not go get one right this minute!



  1. I don't have a saucier. Having a ceramic cooktop means no cast iron. We hope to upgrade to a gas stove, at which time I will have to learn how to cook all over again.

  2. That does it! I *need* a saucier! :) I have to reclaim my cast iron pans from the basement - I've been procrastinating on 'fixing' them after they were submerged in not one, but two annoying major basement floods. I'll pretty much have to start from scratch to get them useable again - since I have to start over, I might just buy new ones and be done with it. ;)

    1. Cast iron pans are really cheap so going through the seasoning process with rusty old ones may not make any sense. Unless, you have an unusual size or shaped one. Those can get expensive to re-buy.

      You must have a saucier!

  3. I don't have a saucier, but I have two beautiful copper-bottomed, stainless steel saute pans that I use when cast iron isn't prudent. Having said that, my favorite pan is my 12" cast iron; I reseasoned it not too long ago and it is just as smooth and slick as any non-stick pan.

    Stacy, I'm of the mind that yes, you should rescue your cast iron pans. It's so hard to find them not pre-seasoned, and I hate the factory seasoning on cast iron - just loathe it. I have a great method for re-seasoning them that, again, will leave them smooth and slick. It's a little time consuming (it will, in fact, take several days), but the seasoning will never chip or scrape off. It will literally last forever if you take care of it.

    1. The factory seasoning is a joke. I've never had to re-season my cast iron. Every time I use them I wipe them out, rub a little oil on them and store them in my oven. When I preheat my oven I leave them in there. Also, if I'm not using them but am using the oven I'll leave them in there. They practically are in a continual seasoning cycle.

  4. I'm not sure that I do have a favorite pan but based on what you said about your saucier, I feel like I simply MUST have one.

  5. The saucier is really rather cool. I gave my cast iron to my son...although I do have my great, great several greats later pot, with feet from 1850. It was a great pot to travel with I understand! :)