Friday, March 29, 2013

Well Hello there!

While in Washington DC a friend of mine (Hey David!) and I stumbled upon the National Museum of the Forest Service. It is a little dinky place with the most fantastic talking Smokey. I loved it! (which tells you more about me than anything ever would. *read dork here*)

Out of the limited time I had to site see this was my favorite. Why? Because they had great swag and were willing to dispense it generously. I picked up a calendar (that I will never use as a calendar but the photos were so amazing that I just had to have it as a painting muse), a bunch of bookmarks (because every decent librarian should have bookmarks, right?), magnets (to hold my kids school tests on the fridge. Yes, I still do this even though the two I have in school are over 25) and pencils (because you never know when you'll need a pencil).

If you are ever in DC with a little (and I mean really little because this place ain't big) time to kill stop in. The talking Smokey is cool and the people are really friendly. More than a little desperate-for-visitors friendly which made our visit seem like the highlight of their day. Sort of creepy and heartwarming all at the same time. I felt like we were doing them a favor by stopping in and signing their guest book when I was the one that was captivated by the damn bear.

Thank you for humoring me, David.

Am I the only one over a "certain" age that loves these things?



  1. I would love that and so would my son who is a park ranger! I'm a bit jealous, truth be told!

  2. COOL!!!!