Thursday, January 3, 2013

With the tree gone

Since, we had moved into this place a month before Thanksgiving we determined not to do much in the decorating department. Really? What was the point? We would only be moving and decorating for Christmas soon anyway. So we stuck our over-sized chair in front of the window. We then moved said chair to the other side of the room to make a place for the Christmas tree. After I took the tree down I moved the chair back into its original position only to find that it seemed a little lonely.

lonely chair with fluffy dog

Plus, where do you put your drink? On Nessa's head? Yeah, right. There are a millions reasons why she doesn't make a good end table.She isn't always standing right there, she moves without warning, her head doesn't have a very good flat spot, and she is so nosey she would want to see what you had put on her head. Which leads to spilled drinks; wasting perfectly good wine. I'm never one to waste perfectly good wine. 

I decided to shop my house for some sort of end table but didn't come up with anything good. The magazine basket with the mirror on it just wasn't cutting it and I didn't have anything else that wasn't being used in another part of the house. 

This necessitated a shopping trip. Did I mention I don't really like to shop? No? Well, it is not my favorite activity but in this case it was needed. Out I went to brave the drippy cold of Houston (54 and drizzling, felt like I was back in Seattle). I found a resale/thrift store close to where I had to run another errand to find this:

 A very large wicker basket. It was a twofer! I could store extra pillows and throws and the flotsam that seem to accumulate in the living room and use the top as a place to set a drink. 

This basket wasn't my first choice. I looked at this awesome mid-century end table but didn't buy it. The store wanted $40 for it and I just didn't want to spend that kind of money. I offered them $25 with the hopes that they would dicker with me a bit to come closer to my limit. Which was $30. Why $30? Because I have a wooden tray that I could have re-purposed with brackets and legs purchased from the DIY store for $30. the mid-century was a no-go. Then as I wandered to the back of the store (always wander to the back of the store. You just never know what you'll find) I found this wicker basket. It was tagged at $25, bingo! Not only is it more versatile but it was within the budget limit. 

I brought it home; stuck my $5 (bought from Target for my Christmas centerpiece) mirror on it and dressed it up with house shopped items. A plant in my MIL's dark pink bubble glass vase, an upside down wine glass (another MIL keeper) with candle on it and the sweet little vase that my OB/GYN gave me when my first baby was born. I did all this after filling it with stuff; helps weight it down you know. Beyond the fact that there is less stuff hanging around my living room.

I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing. It is simple, eclectic and functional. Completely my style. 

When you took your tree down did you just put back what was there before or did you dress it up a bit?



  1. Since we added even more furniture to our already full (albeit large) living room this year, we had to find another place to put the tree, since our love seat was occupying it's old place in front of the sliding glass doors we never use (we go through the sliding glass doors in the kitchen when we want to go to the back yard). So, we pushed back the love seat and put the tree in the corner by the book cases. It worked surprisingly well, even if all the really "cool" ornaments were on the lower third of the tree.

  2. That basket looks awesome and score with the storage!
    We are repainting the whole room the tree was in. We need to finish painting the area that the tree was in and then rearrange the plants that go there. The room needed a face lift--we hadn't really done anything to it since we moved in 15 years ago. It still needs a new floor and the popcorn scraped off the ceiling, but paint is a good place to start--oh and the closet Nick installed helps too.

  3. Mid which century ?.

    I'd no tree, lights yes but no tree. The hound has a thing about being under things. I could see it becoming airborne if she wrapped herself in cables.

    1. Mid 20th century. It was cool and mod and retro. I remember my parents nada set like it. I so wanted it but it wasn't meant to be.

  4. Thrift stores - my FAVE! You did good, I just replaced my coffee table (old and beaten) with one of those storage foot stool type tables with the flip over tops that work as trays. Love it! The storage is the best part!

  5. Nessa, you are a beautiful in Texas as you were in Colorado.

    Fuzzy and Boomer


  6. Hmm, i think i might've sprung for the mid century table, if it was in good shape. The basket table is way cool! Excellent scarf choice for the ottoman - it matches one of mine :-))

    1. that is because we have excellent taste.

  7. Great find, and it looks like it's always been that chair and ottoman's companion :-)