Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Today is my 5 year blog anniversary. It started out as a requirement for a social media workshop I was taking for work but the next thing I new it just found its voice. Or I did. Not sure which.

When I started Nessa was a 9 week old puppy. She had only been with us for two weeks. In fact, my first post was titled: Introducing the dogs.

Now, she is a 5 year old love of my life. A messy, fluffy, big, personal space hogging love of my life.

Tripper was 2 1/2 years old. He is no longer with us. His death last year was horrific. We become so attached to our dogs. I miss his sweet smile. i miss him trying to herd us all the time. I miss his corpulent short little body.

I've tortured you all by blogging about my art hobby turned quasi career.
I went from drawing with soft pastels:

This is like number two of five lighthouse drawings. I was on a Degas dancers type of thing. I kept wondering when it would get weird only to just stop doing lighthouses. I have done one since. I guess I needed to get them out of my system. Odd really!

To commissioned painting of people:

Now, I troll all of your facebook accounts for photos to paint. Hey, I asked permission. 
I've blogged about food, historic places, people and things. I've blogged about crafting stuff and decorating. I've blogged a bit about my family, my friends and my work. I've bored you with my travels and my moves. I've resisted doing reviews or monetizing my blog, though I get asked to all the time. The only real review I've done is for a book about the storage of real food written by Prince Charles. I was asked to do so by the Meatless Monday group of which I'm a proud member. I just don't feel real comfortable about going that route. For me it feels like work. It also feels like I'm obligated to someone else for my blog. Maybe, I'm just territorial but I just can't seem to pull that trigger.

My goofy travel game has even spawned a new website/game.
I even bought the domain name. Something that I have been thinking of doing for several years but was way too lazy to do. Bless Blogger/Google for making it easy. Of course, they are take up to 3 days to actually put the whole thing in place. How crazy am I that I wait 5 years to get a domain name but I can't wait 3 days for it to be set up. I think I need a life.

It seems that my blog is one big Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Or maybe I'm just a bit ADD. I'm going with random.

What I want to say is; thank you for sticking with me. 

Thank you for being my blog friends. I feel like I really know all of you personally.

And, for those I've met in person, thank you for becoming my real life friend. 

For those that I have yet to met in person, your time will come...(cue ominous music). I want to meet all of you if I am able (including you, Catherine in Australia and Vince in Ireland) and turn you into real life friends. 



  1. So glad you blog, I love your style of writing and your "randomness"! LOL

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I can't wait until the day we actually meet in person - I already consider you a real life friend. ;) And whether it's random or ADD, it's always entertaining. :) Thanks for being there!

    Wishing for Snow, Valentine Unicorn Bouquet, Sore Throat Remedy – RTT Rebel

  3. Happy Five Year Blogiversary! Mine is next month, so we started about the same time, although I started blogging as a way to socialize, since I had no friends in my new state. What it's morphed in to astounds me, and I often wonder at the fact that it's still going strong five years later.

    Oh, we'll meet in real life one day. Not to worry...and yes, there should be ominous music. ;)

  4. Congrats Meeeee-Shell. You should celebrate by having a steak!! ;) Cheers and I am glad to have come to across you through the beauty of the internets!!


  5. Congrats, five years is a long time. I've got three years under my belt and I still love blogging as much as I did when I started.
    Love coming to visit you and get a glimpse into your world. And would love to meet up in real life. The guys would love talking beer.

  6. Happy 5-yr.! Both of the doggies are cute, I'm sorry one passed last year.

    Visiting today from Stacy's hop. :)

  7. Hey! Happy blogaversary! I need to look up the date I started, I think it's been four years for me. I love the pictures, I've had my dog since he was four weeks old and he's going on eleven and my heart will absolutely break when I lose him.

  8. Happy Blogoversary!! I am so glad I found your blog. Looking forward to meeting in real life one day.

    I, too, have done the occasional review and giveaway on my blog but it really just doesn't feel right. I miss all those other blogs I used to read which are now just full of sponsored posts, but yours has always been a favourite.

  9. Congratulations on 5 years!! I am proud to say that I am one of your readers that got to meet you!! And if I hadnt tried to break my leg this summer I would of met up with you twice!!

    Keep up the great blog!!

  10. It's been fun meeting you also, Michele!!!