Monday, January 21, 2013

lot of little bits of stuff done

This weekend was one of those "get a lot of little bits of stuff done" kind of weekend. Nothing huge, mostly mundane.This was a 3 day weekend for some of us which gave me lots of time to get little things done.

Let's discuss

1. I put a shelf behind the sofa. I wanted a sofa table but didn't want to spend sofa table money.

Nessa needs a hair cut
So I put up a shelf that consists of a 1" X 6" X 6' piece of pine from the DIY store. I had a couple of brackets from another project that I used to hold it up. It took longer to decorate than to put up. I had contemplated painting it white before I put it up but I got lazy. I covered it with some bamboo placemats that I don't like to use as placemats because glasses don't sit well on them. The placemats were taking up space, now they are doing a task. I shopped the house for the nicnaks. Total cost for the project? $12 for the board. Cool beans!

I may or may not be done with this space.

2. I hung artsy stuff that I had hanging around.
  • the top of the stairs.
It looked like this. 
I put up these

These are just 12" x 12" canvases with handmade art paper decoupaged on them. I didn't even paint the edges. I had the canvases, of course and I picked up the paper the local art supply store for $3 a sheet. Total cost of the project, $9. The decopage glue I made at home. Ahhh, the internet! You can find recipes for most anything. 

While the top of the stairs may seem like an excellent place to hang a mirror it really isn't. In my crazy zen/karma/feng shui sort of life, mirrors at the top of the stair just bounces the good chi/energy/vibe around badly. Especially, since the front door opens straight on to the steps. Bad placement!

  • the bar area.
It was fine as it was before but I had all these ceramic tiles from all our travels that needed a home. A few of them found a home here. My butterfly mobile went into this corner also. As did my prosperity chicks and an art deco purse. Why a purse and prosperity chicks? Because this corner of the house is associated with abundance and prosperity. So is the color purple. It's working for me. Maybe, I'll have an abundance of wine!
  • the back entry.
 At one time I had a blackboard in the space right next to the back door.
This blackboard
Where I write little sayings for JR. 
Sweet, no?
I moved it out of the space it was in because I didn't like the way it made me feel. I like it better in its new location much better.
This is what I put there instead.

Happy little yoga paintings I had done quite awhile back.
The space feel so much happier now and red is the best color in this space. Cost of this redo? $0. I had everything in my stash.

  • the mantle
Nessa photobomb
After the holidays I needed to set up a mantlescape. Something spring-like but using only things that I had around the house. I've been on a "shop the house" kick lately so I try (can't always say do) not to buy new things to use for decorating. For this project I did spend about $5 for the candles and the plant on the left. All the colors are pink/raspberry, green, white, and a blue-green. I had a couple of other things up there but it started to look really cluttered.  So down they went.

I changed this up at the end of December. JR noticed it yesterday. Hence the reason I give him very little input into decorating decisions. 

3. I cooked and prepped a bunch of food for the week. Mostly, dips and toppings. I like to make an assortment of things that can do double duty during the week. Things like pico de gallo, tomato bruschetta topping, a variety of hummuses, various bean dips/salads, and spinach dip. I use these as bases for main dishes. I, also, chop a variety of veggies. Cuts out all the chopping during the week. 

4. I started working out to a circuit training video I happened to let get dusty. Before I moved to Texas, I worked out at the gym 5 days a week. I had Michelle Obama arms, a flat tummy and a perky rearend. Not anymore. I do so much sitting that I've gotten totally out of shape. I have decided to rectify this situation. So everyday this weekend (started on Friday morning) I've worked out. I'm pretty sore right now but by this time next week I'll be good.

5. My New Years resolution. Doing well so far. I don't want to get all rightegous but when the student on the motorcycle passed me on the right only to notice that a UPS truck was in his way, I slowed down so he could get in front of me. Had I kept at the same speed he would have been in big trouble. I was feeling pretty good about my "act of kindness" resolution right then.  He was being an impatient jerk.

There you have it. My weekend in a nut shell. 
What were you up to this weekend? Did you get a long one?


  1. No, I'm sorry to say I had to work today, although I didn't come into the office until nearly 10 and now that it's 3:20, I'm contemplating going home.

    Saturday, we didn't do much of anything; well, Beloved power-washed the house with the new power washer I got him for Christmas and I worked on my cookbook. Yesterday he had to fly to South Dakota so I played video games and napped all day. Good stuff.

  2. My weekend was not productive. Well actually it far! I spent the weekend slurping down anything I could find to build my immunity to whatever awful bug that Daryl ran thru the house with. Yuk. So far all is good with me!

    Seth and I took advantage of his day off. Had lunch with Maria and boys then put in several hours of work on the remodel.

    I am looking forward to decorating a new space. Until I realize that I have too much furniture and decor for such an open plan. Waaah! And I am unwilling to part with any of treasures ya know!!

  3. So far with the testing they have done on Asher its shown to be dairy and egg allergy. That helped quite a bit for him. But it still remains. Flares up every once in awhile.
    Sure frustrates him but yet those blue eyes sparkle!!