Friday, January 25, 2013

Librarian Tattoos

Believe it or not but librarians are known for being a little rabble-rousing. We also are know for getting tattoos. I have one and have been seriously thinking about getting another. I don't want anything huge. I'm a little too old for that. Something small and discreet and meaningful.

What got me thinking about it is an email from my librarian friend and lovable troublemaker Julie. Her email is as follows:

Subject line: "I should know better than to send you this...

It'll just encourage you :-)


The last one is pretty cool."

Well, you are right Julie, it did encourage me.  

Pinterest has a number of librarians that have posted their ink. 

Now, I'm thinking of getting my Super Librarian logo tattooed somewhere on my body. Where I'm not really sure. I know that it won't be in a place that is visible to the public.

What better way to showcase Keely's fantastic design?

I think I'll have them leave off the background and maybe even the text.

What are your thoughts?
1. Background: yes/no
2. Super Librarian! text: Yes/no
3. Where should I put it?
4. Should I tell JR before or after? Last time I told him before and he was all huffy disapproving. Then I got home with it and he loved it. Still does for that matter. 
These are burning questions that I just am unable to answer on my own. I need input!



  1. I'd leave off the background too. Not sure about the words. A shoulder? That could be good unless you wear a lot of tank tops.

  2. Ooooh! Yes yes and YES you should do it! I LOVE that idea! :) I like the background, but in tattoo form maybe have it in sunburst mode vs. a square box. :) Maybe on a shoulder blade, because then it can be visible when you want it to be (you know, like when you wear a racer back tank...heh!) :) I have 3 - one on my lower back (yes, I realize the implications), one on a shoulder blade and one on the inside of one ankle. I've been wanting to get one of a dragonfly on the back of my neck but haven't gotten around to it yet. ;)

  3. I'd say the colours won't work without the ground behind it for the tan hair and the blue against your shin would blow it out. You know the way blue veins look a bit sickly. Plus you need the ground for the glasses to make sense.
    You could probably get that done out at a printer as a print transfer since you have the code. Then you could apply it and test it out.
    Text; no. That's only needed here for new visitors. I don't think I ever read it after the first time. And I've seen that icon countless times.
    Where; I'll suggest on your left boob. In such a place that it isn't totally hidden, more at the point where the strap divides. This placement would need to be scaled. Since if we're talking about pippins, the icon in the side bar would be a better fit. But in general wherever. There are just three no-no's. Top of the neck(place noose here). Between the shoulder blades(hold bridle here). And anyplace below the ribcage and the mid point of the butt(the eponymous tramp-stamp).
    Tell him; yes. But also tell him you are getting one for him as a surprise.

  4. A fellow rebel rousing librarian. Great to find you sistah! I'll be lurking around your blog.

    Don't worry, I'm not a head-case. Just in case you wondered :-)

  5. Has Super Librarian always worn that black corset? I just noticed it.

    What Vince said!