Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Christmasifing

We sent the weekend putting a little touch of Christmas to the house this weekend. I'm not near done yet but lets review what we have gotten done. Or more to the point, let's just walk through our weekend.

We did all of our weekly shopping. Every week I vow not to take JR with me and every week I forget that vow. Every week I spend too much money. See the correlation? 

We went to get our Christmas tree and a couple of bags of greenery trimmings. The tree cost us money, the greenery trimmings were free. One of these days I need to figure out how to make a tree out of the greenery trimmings. I used the greenery trimmings to do up our mantel.

I started decorating the mantel.

I finished up with it on Sunday morning. I'm pretty happy with the results. 

JR hung the outside lights.  The weather was really hot (over 80 degrees) and humid so we didn't work real hard.

Later in the day we went to a holiday party. The party was in a neighborhood called The Heights. Every year this neighborhood gets together to do something they call "Lights in the Heights". Most if not all of the owners decorate their houses for Christmas. It is pretty over the top. I took just a couple of photos. 

Of course, some owners went all decorator and elegant with their displays but those were not the ones that interested me the most. We didn't stay late when all the real action starts; lots of people walking the streets looking at the lights, carolers on the porches, bands playing, private and public parties, etc.

In the morning I made Eggs Florentine for breakfast.
Layers from bottom to top
toasted roasted garlic & Italian seasoned ciabatta bread (this was leftover form the night before.)
Fresh tomato slices
Spinach (I thawed some frozen spinach, squeezed out the water then heaped it on top)
poached eggs
Ina Garten hollandaise sauce (have you ever tried this stuff? It is amazing. I could drink my weight in this stuff. And it is dead on easy to make. I make a double batch and use it like mayonnaise in things like spinach dip, gravies and as a sandwich spread. She makes it in a blender but since the glass container part of my blander broke I made it with my handheld blender. Worked just as well.)

I made a batch of home fries with this that were very good. All and all this was a fattening and filling breakfast that last us all day.

We decorated our tree. Let me rephrase that, I decorated our tree. JR alternately watched me decorate the tree and watched football. It is his Sunday thing.

Watched A Muppets Christmas Carol, ate homemade pizza (FYI, I make terrific pizza), played with the dog, went to bed. Wow! We are incredibly boring.

So what was your weekend like? Are you ready for Christmas?

Peace out,


  1. I have the same NOEL stocking holders! Your mantel and tree look fabulous!

  2. My weekend was just wild. I napped.


  3. Your home looks so cheery!! Our weekend was fairly low key as Daryl is back to trucking. I took the weekend off to spend at home with Seth. relaxing . After such a crazy busy fall.

    The boys hauled all the decor boxes down. I decorated. they played xbox.
    They hauled boxes back up.
    I am missing 2 stockings. So I guess I will be doing "after Christmas shopping" to get 20 stockings to replace these 16 with. Time for a different look anyways!
    I have toys bought for the guys ages 17-30 to put in stockings. That is all the shopping I have accomplished yet. I think we will give out ALOT of gift certificates this year.

  4. Loved the weekend tour. Am going to try that sauce on your recommendation and we too have a neighborhood that goes over the top for lights....but I loved the pink flamingos!

  5. Now see, if I had no small boy children I could pull off a far more decorated house. Maybe. Yours looks fabulous!
    I do love the flamingo tree.

  6. The flamingo tree is a hoot! Your house is lovely. Every evening we start to see more and more houses decorated even out here in the country. It's a Lovely Time of the Year!


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥