Friday, June 1, 2012

Spin Cycle - Things I love

This weeks Spin Cycle is things I love. This actually is kind of hard for me. There are just so many things I love. Let's limit, mkay?

Now, in no particular order here are some of the things I love.

1. Old stuff. Looking/watching/listening to historical images/movies/recordings. I know I'm a geek this way but I love me some history and nothing turns me on more than the fact that more and more libraries, museums, and historical societies are putting their materials online. It is an awesome age we are living in! Just check out some of these links and tell me you aren't intrigued.

Library of Congress  -  For every flippin' thing historical.
Pepperdine University in California - among some cool sound recordings they have a historic surfboard collection.
UC Santa Barbara - they have put online some of their wax recordings. Seriously, you have to listen to some of these. How totally hot are they?!

2. Paining. You all have seen my stuff so I won't bore you with my finished nude. Oh wait! Yes I will.

I've kind of falling in love with her but than so has Dr. Boy and JR but for far different reasons I think. I offered to let Dr. Boy take her to school with him but he declined. Something to the effect of; how creepy it would be to explain to his roommates that his mother painted it. Oh and then he would be compelled by his smart-ass nature to tell said roommates that it was a self portrait. He just didn't want to start out with that kind of awkwardness. Coward!

3. My dog, Nessa. You've all seen her before. She's adorable. She's lovable. She's a bed hog.

4. My family, JR, the Boys and the DIL. I love them all greatly.

5. Being creative in some fashion. Whether that is a painting a picture or painting a wall. Cooking, sewing, cutting out pieces of paper for collages (or what I like to call "mixed media art"), or taking pictures, I don't really care. I just need to create.

6. I'm loving my iPad though it doesn't take as good of photos as my smarty-pants phone. Which I love also or more correctly, I love my smarty-pants phone more than my iPad. Either way i love them both so much that if someone wanted to get them away from me they will have to pull them from my cold dead hands.

7. A good glass of red wine. While I never turn my nose up at a nice dry martini or a tart margarita, I pretty much start salivating like Pavlov's dog when in comes to red wine. 

Let's call that my "I love" list for today. Exciting, no? meh. Anyway, go visit Gretchen right away, like right now! She has all they deets on visiting other Spinners.

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  1. I love the things you love. And I love that you love old stuff, because that inspires you to share the old stuff with us, which I love. The link to the Library of Congress didn't work, btw, but I managed to locate it all on my own, and get lost for about 30 minutes, thank you very much.

    You are linked!!

  2. Thanks Gretchen, I fixed the link. I'm glad you enjoyed your 30 minutes of down time.

  3. All very good things to love. I'm still on the fence about my smart phone. I think it's still just a bit smarter than I am.

  4. I love to be creative also...but I don't have what you have! Still I like to THINK I might be creative!


  5. The main issue with places like the LoC is 'user-friendly' and accessible are not valid in the context.Try opening one of the maps and you'll see what I mean. And you sure won't get anything easier to display. So if they cannot get them to resize to a size one can read they are little more than squiggles.

    1. I agree. As many times as I go to the LOC site you would think I would know how or where to find stuff.

  6. It's not red, but I did have a glass of white "two buck chuck", although inflation has raised e price to 3, and it was good!

    1. I can't wait for the Trader Joes to move to Houston.

  7. Are you settling on that Post-Impressionist style reminiscent of Paul Gauguin. You wouldn't go far wrong using it as a start point. The newer stuff of David Hockney has gone in that direction of late also.
    He has been using a sketchpad app on the I-whatzit.

    1. It seems that I am. It is very comfortable for me.

  8. You are really good! I love the nude, it's beautiful.

  9. Right there with you on #7... ;) And OMG you are an AMAZING artist! :)