Thursday, June 7, 2012


I have a decided appreciation for pencils 
now that I indulge my inner artist. 

I'm a little afraid that my inner artist has sort of become 
a bit of a bitch about color,

Because I don't slap her down
 probably doesn't make me the smartest.

I can't complain,
she barely spends a dollar,

When the prices can be the tartest.

and, when I happily spend more on my dog's collar.


Happy Thursday everyone!
I'll be heading up to Austin today.


PS: want to see more history pens and pencils? Head off to our digital library


  1. What I'd love is a silver pencil. Not a silver cased one but that the 'lead' is silver in the vein of the far right in the #4th.

    1. I was looking at the 'up' to Austin. More 'over' really than up, isn't it. But Waco was the shock. I'd thought it near Lubbock for some reason

    2. I've found that the right silver and gold colors are hard to find also.

      Austin is north and west of Houston so I just say up. Since, I try to go to Waco as little as possible these days (when I first moved here I went all the time. So much that the hotel reception clerks knew my name) I try not to think of it at all. Lubbock is in the boondocks and I never go there. Periodically, I end up in Dallas and I try to drive through El Paso as fast as possible.

    3. No, not silver and gold coloured. Actual silver. It was what was used in the De Vinci drawings. It doesn't smudge like graphite or charcoal and you can build shade upon shade.

  2. I was born in El Paso, but I don't remember it; we moved away when I was 6 weeks old.

    More than a silver pencil, I'd like gold and metallic food colorings. Hard to find.

    1. Weren't you in the Dallas area mostly?

      Those would be hard colors to find in food coloring.

  3. I like to use watercolor pencils myself! And Nessa's collar is to die for! I need to get Boomer and Fuzzy something dashing, I do believe!


  4. She does have a rather stylish adornment, I must say. :)

  5. An artist and a poet, I see! ;) Love Nessa's necklace. Rolex's isn't as fancy, just paw prints. :) I've never tried pencil drawings, I've been a chalk pastel girl myself. ;)