Friday, May 4, 2012

Spin Cycle - Words

Second Blooming

I haven't participated in the Spin Cycle in quite some time and to tell you the truth I haven't been a very regular or good participator as a general rule. That situation has got to stop. Okay, maybe not stop, maybe sort of slow down. I don't seem able to post regularly for any blog hop sort of thing so why I think the Spin Cycle is different is beyond me. Lucky for all of you there are tons of bloggers who are much better at joining and keeping up with these things than I will ever be. You should seriously go check them out at Gretchen's place.

That being said I do have some words that I'd like to pass on. 
I didn't write them. 
I just believe in them. 
I wasn't around to espouse them but 
I still think that they are important today.

Women, we have the vote but that doesn't mean that we can be complacent. There seems to be this growing faction that would deny us our choice. They seem to want to slowly erode our rights. Are we going to let them do it until even our right to vote is in question? 

Words matter. Let's all speak up on those issues that matter.



  1. Whoa! I love this! In fact I want it framed! Oh now I'm all riled up.

    You are linked! Thanks for joining in!

  2. Just goes to point out that what we tend to take for granted wasn't always able to be taken for granted. A reminder that we need to exercise our rights as well as our bodies is always a good thing.

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  4. I tend to think these two work quite well; No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. (Eleanor Roosevelt) ... A slave is one who waits for someone else to set him free. (Ezra Pound)
    The caveat I will apply is when indoctrination begins very early as with a child inside the trusted structure of the family. But family or another, it is inside the trusted structure is the danger place.

    1. Much to my boy's chagrin I tend to lecture each girlfriend in the fine art of feminism. It is not so much the feminism part that embarrasses them as it is the lecture.

    2. There is a very strong backlash from that in the UK -not so much here mind you- where the girls well versed in debating techniques would retort that feminism is about choice and if they choose babies and home-schooling coupled with submission it's no ones business but theirs.

    3. My lecture leans towards "things weren't always this way. women didn't have the right to choose to stay home, they just had to. Don't take it for granted that you will always have choices so stay alert."

    4. Ask that fella of yours had he ever heard of the expression 'a laying hen'. I allow him to explain it to you. If he cannot get back to me and I'll be happy to enlighten. Suffice to say things were very much in that vein in the Irish community.

  5. I think Nessa understands...if we can't play with it, or eat, we just piss on it and walk away!

    Fuzzy and Boomer

  6. I tried to leave a comment and blogger said I couldn't.

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  7. This is fantastic! Great spin1