Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RTT - It's been awhile

It has been quite awhile since I participated in a Random Tuesday Thoughts, hosted by the indomitable Stacy but I have a few things rattling around. So let's get right to them.

1. I've been freaking swamped. Work, home, holidays, travel, troubles, you name it and it has happened in the last month. I also want to say; "enough already!" According to a co-worker (and I have to say at first I wasn't buying it but with more crap being dished up to us lately I'm starting to) Mercury is in retro-grade and that is why crazy shit is happening. I'm not exactly sure what retro-grade means in this instance but she is sticking by her statement. Something about the stars telling me that these are times to make changes in my life. I'm not exactly sure what those changes are and how I'm supposed to be making them when I'm barely keeping things together as it is but there you have it. The good news is that I only have to put up with this constant barrage of crapoliousness until the 15th. Then I guess all is goodness and light. We'll see and it can't get much worse.
2. The winner of the Houston 175 book goes to Jan! Seems totally appropriate since she is from Texas. I'd wanted to pull Vince's name out of the hat just to see how long it actually takes to mail something to Ireland but it wasn't meant to be.  Jan; I think I still have your address.

3. I finished the painting. Well, I thought I had finished it and then I decided that I don't like the oldest boy's eyes. I can't work on it tonight but I will mess with it a bit more tomorrow. I really don't like messing with a painting too much. It just buys trouble. And, of course, there is that whole retro-grade thing.

4. Tripper, our beautiful barky Pembroke Welsh Corgie, is very very sick. We've been taking him to the vet but it doesn't seem that anything they do it helping. I'm terrified that we are going to lose him. He caught some sort of a bacterial infection that antibiotics just won't cure. I'm calling the internist today. Damn You Mercury!!!

5. Remember the little fender bender I had a couple of weeks ago? Well, it turns out that when your car is 16 years old and a POS having a chunk of your rear bumper torn off totals your car. We were given 2 options; 1. surrender the car and take a higher amount of money then promptly go into debt for a new car or 2. take a lesser amount of money and continue driving the car until we can afford a new one. We took option 2. The car is perfectly drivable it just looks like crap but since it looked like crap (just not quite as much) before we figured what the heck. Also, by August things should smooth out a little and of course I need the money to pay for the dog. Sheesh! Trying to get ahead of the bills just doesn't seem to be in the cards for us.

6. We started to Christmas up the house a little. And, I mean a very little. We bought a tree, 2 poinsettias, 3 huge pine cones and some red and white carnations. We set the tree up on Saturday. It has no lights, ornaments or tinsel on it. I keep telling JR that I'm going for the minimalist look. 

So now that I've been Debbie Downer or Betty Bummer or Calamity Cathy I'll leave you all to go seek out others that will brighten your day. 

Misfortune Michele


  1. I won! I won! I won! Yipee!!! Thank you!

    No, no - not Tripper! Scooter has developed an autoimmune disorder that has him on steroids indefinitely; both leave him susceptible to bad infections, and he's got a doozie of one right now - we thought we were going to lose him last week. Fortunately, he's responding well to the antibiotics (this time), but I'm terribly afraid he's on borrowed time. I feel your anguish, I really do.

    Mercury - align yourself, already!

  2. Poor Tripper! I hope he gets better soon with or without Mercury's interference!

  3. I hope Tripper gets better! Our dog Guinness has bad arthritis in his hips and it just kills us to leave him home, but when we take him to the mountains or running, he limps for days afterward. It's tough to see the dogs we love get old.

  4. I'm so, so hoping that Tripper fights and wins this naughty bug battle!

  5. Mercury is to blame?? Geesh! Been chaotic over here too.
    Hope Tripper kicks that infection. :(

  6. I'm so sorry about Tripper - he looks just like my buddy Elvis (my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) that was my constant companion for 13 years. Now I can rest easier knowing he has a cool buddy to hang out with in doggy heaven. ((HUGZ!!))

    You're ahead of me on the Christmas decorations. I'm thinking about just throwing some Santa hats on the still-standing scarecrows on the front porch and calling it a day. ;)

  7. ACK! That whole 'rest easier' part didn't come out right, but you know what I mean. ((HUGZ!!))

  8. Sorry to read about the dog. I hope it gets better.