Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whoops! I'm totally scattered these days.

I've been a less than fruitful blogger these days. I don't know why and I just don't seem to have the energy to dissect it. So I'll leave it at that.

I was in Austin last week for a couple of days. Austin seems to be my home away from from these days. I make the drive so often that it really only feels like an hour drive when it really it takes 3. This last trip was rather eventful. I got rear ended by a 30-something woman. No one was hurt but she was so emotional that I just felt that I had to hug her. I'm a hugger as any of you who have met me will attest to. The bumper of my car didn't fare quite as well. A quarter of it fell off. She must of hit it just right for that to happen. Anyone know of anyone that works for claims at Progressive (wink, wink) that can make this fix seamlessly?

Yesterday when I got into the office sitting on the floor was these 2 rather largish book boxes. I first panicked, thinking that I'd ordered some expensive books then forgot about it. Hey! it happens. I opened the packing slip to find that there were 16 free books in the 2 boxes. I was crazy surprised. You see, awhile back I helped out on a book that the Houston Chronicle did titled "Houston 175". (And, when I say helped out what I really mean is that I stuck my nose in, floundered around a bit and pretty much was useless.)These books were a gift to thank me, I guess. After passing them out to a few worthy people, i.e. my photo tech that worked as hard or harder than I did, my boss and a few others I'm left with quite a few books. I think I smell a give away. What about you?

I'm furthering my love affair with eggs. I even took some leftover fettuccine alfredo, made them into cakes, fried them then served poached eggs over top. Yeah, wasn't the best use of leftovers. Now, the leftover chili...that was a whole other topic.

With Thanksgiving coming up I will be making stuffed eggs. I love stuffed eggs and plan to mix it up somehow. Maybe, Greek style? A little feta cheese and some kalamata olives? It could work.

I think the signature cocktail this Thanksgiving will be a blood orange sodatini. JR picked up some of his favorite blood orange soda at Costco the other day. This is the only time of year they have it. Usually, he buys 3 cases but this year he refrained. Not exactly sure why but there you have it. Anyway, we've been known to mix this with some vodka and Grand Marnier in the past but we might have to try to mix it up. Any mixologists out there with ideas? Be?

The painting will be done this weekend. I worked on it this weekend. Faces! Bah! Never again. I'm dying here. I worry so much about getting everything right and if the owners will like it that I'm ready to chuck it. Even though JR says it is really good and that it looks like the little guys. yada yada yada. I'm not sure I believe him. Okay, I've said enough about my insecurities as a painter. I have plenty more about other things.

The last of the Halloween candy is gone. Thank heaven! I have no will power against the Almond Joy.

That is all I can think of at the moment. In fact, that pretty much drains my head. I still need to write up a story but that will have to wait a few days. My brain is in presentation mode. One from last week and two for next week. Because I'm not stressed enough.

I promise to stop into to visit ya'll as time permits.



  1. Chili, stuffed eggs and cocktails sounds really good right about now. I should probably have breakfast.

    I got rear ended a couple of years ago around this time by a teenager in the car with his grandma. He only dented my bumper and we didn't think it was even worth it to call the cops or the insurance. He was so happy, he hugged both me and my husband. Your story reminded me of that. Sometimes people at the scene of a fender bender need a hug. Glad you were okay. Hope the repairs are easy to make.

    And did you say giveaway? I love a free book. ;-)

  2. I think a giveaway sounds like a plan! :)

    I'm with MrsBear - chili, stuffed eggs and cocktails sounds pretty good. I, too, should probably eat something.

  3. That is so neat that they sent the books to you. I'm sure you were involved a little bit more than you're letting on.

    I'm just glad that you weren't hurt in that accident!

  4. Feta and kalamata Deviled eggs! Sounds great!

    I don't think I ever had blood orange soda, but if it tastes like oranges, or better yet blood oranges, I am not sure I would mix it with an orange liqueur. I would try to compliment it - maybe some cream with some banana flavored liqueur or rum. I'm thinking creamcicles here - remember the Good Humor push ups? On second thought, instead of the banana rum a vanilla vodka might be better. Hey, as long as you use vodka,you'll enjoy it!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Be: I knew you would come through for me. Vanilla vodka it is.

    Blue: I did have a bit of input and they were nice enough to acknowledge me. So I was happy.

    Jan: I'll take an extra book home today.

    MrsBear: I don't think the repairs will be a problem. The car is such a junker as it is anything will help.

  6. Stuffed eggs? blood orange sodatinis? Recipes please!! I have never heard of either!

    I too, have had blogging issues lately. I just can't get motivated. But I would really like to, interested in being following buddies?

  7. The painting looked great even without the faces. I'm sure it's wonderful!

    Hmmm, blood orange-tini's. Instead of vodka I might try gin. A little fruitier?

  8. Vanilla vodka goes good in coke too. I'm up for a giveaway. That book looks pretty cool!

  9. Hm, I don't know anyone at Progressive, BUT IF I DID, I would go through the other person's insurance and save myself the deductible. ;-)
    And giveaways smell like awesome.

  10. Dang it woman, be careful out there!! Delighted to hear that you and your new freeway acquaintance are okay. But get yourself checked, just in case. sometimes things get moved around inside where you can't see where they went - and then you might get a surprise later on that you hadn't counted on. Now go get another Almond Joy.

    As for the free book, please accept my offer of assistance for the People's Initiative for the Redistribution and Sharing of the Wealth of the Free Books. See, I can get all 'progressive' when the situation warrants :-)

  11. Yum! Looking forward to those blood orange sodatini's when we fly down for xmas!

  12. Yikes, glad you and the rear-ender (heh) are ok. I think the blogging blues are going around.

  13. Val: We'll have them when you get here. Can't wait, BTW.

    Julie: The book will be offered up via your program.

    SK: Done and done.

    Vandy: coke and vanilla vodka, you say? I'm thinking that vanilla vodka has a lot of uses.

    MB: The painting is adorable. I'm just neurotic.

    Sarah: Welcome. It is always nice to meet new blog friends.

  14. Sorry but you don't get to claim the bad blogger title. Some of us haven't blogged in forever, at least you're posting once in awhile.

    I have a love hate relationship with eggs (and mushrooms). I will eat them for awhile then get yucked by them and give up for a year.

    You didn't mention the hugging, that is so you.

  15. I hold the bad blogger award! glad to see you back on here.
    I bet JR is correct about the painting!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  16. Blood orange soda + vanilla vodka = Dreamsicle. Mmmm. I've recently become obsessed with this Spicy Ranchero Egg White Salad from Trader Joe's. I eat it all the time. I should really try to make my own version, but it's so much easier to just buy it. Have a great Thanksgiving! And I agree about the giveaway!

  17. I'm a hugger, too - when I got rear ended by a woman who was freaking out because my car was OK but her front end was demolished (and she forgot her drivers license) I had to hug her too. :) Glad it was just a minor thing - and that you are OK!!

    Mmmmm...stuffed eggs and cocktails? What time should I be there? ;)

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