Friday, November 4, 2011

I feel a story coming on

I feel like telling a story but have quite a few bubbling up to the top of my head. Right now I'm just not sure what story to tell. So I'll let you decide.

Pick a photo from the following 3 and I'll write a story about it sometime next week.

#1. Dog with pipe. Really? Who doesn't like to dress up their dog?

#2. Men in swimsuits. I have no idea why I picked this photo and no idea what story I can make out of it.

#3. A group of people dressed up in crazy costumes.This one has some potential. Potential for what I'm not sure.

I want to point out that I didn't pick photos that were easy. I consider easy one where I can tackle a social context. Comedy is so much harder than drama for me. Must be the academic writing mode I'm always in. That's why I'm leaving the choice up to you. Pick your favorite of these three photos and I'll write some sort of a story about it.

Oh and if anyone knows how to fix my site feed problem please let me know. I couldn't figure it out this morning but than again it is 5:47am. I haven't fully finished my cup of consciousness (aka coffee) yet.

Happy weekend everyone,


  1. Oh, the dog with the pipe. PLEASE!

  2. Hm, I would personally prefer the men in the swimsuits, since it would be a challenge to come up with as many jokes about that as possible. :-)

  3. While the dog with the pipe is pretty charming, I'm completely intrigued by the men in swimsuits. Who are they and why are they standing on that dock all chummy like.

  4. I'd go with the dog and the pipe. Men in bathing suits? Srsly? You'd just get into trouble.

  5. You chose three intriguing photos. Men in swimsuits.

  6. The guys in the swimwear. It's ripe. Like Brookback River. Summer 08. 3 gold, 4 silver.

  7. Gotta go with the men in swimsuits!