Monday, October 24, 2011

The travel saga continues

I said to myself the other day; "self, you haven't finished posting about you and JR's vacation travels through 'The South'."(that's how we (JR and I) think about the Southern USA, as 'The South'. It's a pretty common way to think of it down here. Now, people in the Pacific Northwest say things like; "I've never been to the Deep South." Defining the difference between Border States (Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware and Missouri) and an actual Confederate Southern States (the ones that seceded from the Union) . This is totally a regional thing because while the people in Texas believe that they are from 'The South' and technically they are, the people from 'The 'South' think of them as from 'Texas', even though Texas seceded, fought in the war and have the accent. Now, Okies (people from Oklahoma) think they are from The 'South' because they have the drawl and everything, but really they are in the 'Mid-west' because they were not a state during 'The Late Unpleasantness'. Florida is thought to be that crazy place where all the 'East Coast' old people go to retire, and drive badly, and play golf, though they also seceded and fought in 'The War against Northern Aggression' which this title is patently wrong because South Carolinians started it by firing on Fort Sumter but I digress. Arizona is a dry Florida (old people, driving, golf) without the statehood thing going for them. Making them not in 'The South' even though they did have a Civil War battle. Okay, maybe not so much a battle as a "OMG, what the hell are those Yankees doing down here? Lets fight with them." sort of thing. So less of a battle and more of squabble or maybe even a tiff.  I have no idea how the people from the 'East Coast' (as in Yankees not the east coast of the 'South') think of 'The South' because I haven't spent much time up there. You got all that?

Then I said; "Yawn."

Then I said: "you know you've got nothing else."

Then I said: "yeah, yeah."

JR enjoying an adult beverage on St. Simon Island, GA. Best dinner of the whole trip.

Fountain in pretty park in Savannah, GA.  Where we walked off breakfast only to find a pretty decent brewpub for lunch.

 JR in Chattanooga, TN. We missed the boat on this one so all I got was a photo.


 JR partaking of festival food at the Cleveland, TN apple festival. Yes, we are "those people". "Those people" being the ones that will drive 60 miles out of their way to go to a small town festival. Highlight for me? I bought a magnolia scented candle. The house smells lovely. Though I wanted the magnolia and the lilac ones. I had just started in on a fair bit of negotiating with the vendor about the prices when JR pipes up and spoils the whole thing. He has been reprimanded.

 Lookout Mountain battlefield outside of Chattanooga.

Boring trip photos done. We had a great time. We'll move along now.



  1. And you were in Savannah and didn't even tell me...**sigh**

    Forsyth Park is a great park, isn't it?!?

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Savannah!!! :)

  2. Sorry Jess, we were only there for a couple of hours on a week day. I figured everyone would be working.

  3. I need to get up to Georgia. But first, Texas. :-)

  4. I thought Texas was it's own country? And up "North"? Anything below DC is the "south" to us. We don't differentiate.

  5. The Irish aren't great when they see those type of jokey tee's on anyone else. Ya tend to find PDQ why Notre Dame has that soubriquet.

    One of the things I've never quite figured out is why exactly they littered huge swathes of the USA with weapons of war. I get the tourist/educational value nowadays. But surely if they left them there after the conflict that would be at the very least profligate if not outright provocative.
    P.S I tried much earlier to post a comment but it didn't take.

  6. As a native Texan who considers herself a Southerner (although, indeed, Texas is its own country, both poetically and historically), I'll keep my opinion about the appropriateness of the expression "Northern Aggression" to myself. :P However, might I also say that 1) we are "those people" too and B) I find JR's shirt hilarious.

  7. I stumbled upon your blog, and your description of the South cracked me up! As a PNWer, I realized that I think about the states in just this way.

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  9. That fella of yourn has a remarkable resemblance to Tom Sellick; Magnum P.I. the was.

  10. For the record, that wasn't boring in the least.

    I'm curious how you classify North Carolina. I think of it as the south but I'm from Michigan, so this brutal NC heat is definitely the south!

  11. I haven't traveled much the past few years (the whole baby thing) so I don't think they are boring at all!

  12. WORK?!? Like we don't drink while working around these parts?!? I have beer in my work fridge as I type! Next time though!!

  13. Jess, beer in your office? We are all there! We get that way so next I'll let you know.

  14. Love love love Savannah. But you are right. Texas is not deep south. It's more wild west. We don't have the same manners and we have a tendency to do/say whatever we want, when we want to....propriety be damned. It's what I love most about my state. Also, you live here...which makes it way more awesome. :)