Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

After Jen, Sprite and Casey left for home JR and I decided to go back to Epcot Center to take in a bit of the Food and Wine Festival. And, while it wasn't the best part of the day (that of course was spending the morning with the girls) it was great fun.

Instead of babbling on and on about it how about I show it to you in pictures.

We started with fried goat cheese drizzled with honey and pistachios. It was fantastic. I will be recreating this treat soon. Oh and the wine was the best of the bunch.

JR picked himself up Canadian salmon with some sort of barley salad and beer. The beer did not make it into the photograph. It was being consumed.

JR in line for a Guinness. They had food also but he just wanted a stout. Of which they didn't build it right. The girls pouring said they were told that they couldn't build them right because they management wanted to move people through the line faster. JR waited quite awhile before he could drink that beer. By that time we had moved on to France.

Where we drank these lovelies. I had the one on the right. It was some sort of pomegranate liquor with champagne and JR had the Cosmo Slushy, made with the good stuff. Not the stuff he makes at home. He has now decided to upgrade the liquor cabinet. I have approved this decision.

We made our way down to the American exhibit and just so you don't think we are total drunks we didn't buy anything at the Mediterranean booths, the Asian booths or the Central and South American booths. JR got a lobster roll. His first ever and he thought it was delicious. I had the pumpkin thing. JR had the beer. There may or may not have been any of the coffee liquor drink left.

I'm looking a bit glassy eye by this time. I didn't drink all of that. The glass in my right hand was some Port from Spain. Port is too sweet for me so this was JR's drink. He just thought that he was featured in too many pictures with too much booze. He didn't want you all to get the wrong idea. 

Last thing of the evening was the ginger ice cream that JR ate. He enjoyed it. I like food with ginger in it but for some reason this wasn't my favorite thing. Then again, I'm not a big ice cream fan. So it could have been that.

We split a pizza about half the way around the center and had a coffee in there somewhere just to keep us going.

If you ever have a chance to go to Epcot Center during their Food and Wine festival be sure to bring plenty of cash and an empty stomach. It was great fun.



  1. I had the strongest margarita ever at Epcot in the Mexico section. I had to limit myself to one because I didn't want to walk around in public completely bombed. Also I may have been underage at the time...and my husband may have bought it for me (finace' at the time)

  2. You DID do the Food and Wine festival! Next year for me, definitely. I keep telling myself I will save up for it, but other things come up. Next year, there's no way around it.

  3. Kat: we had heard that the jalapeno margarita's were the best in the whole festival. We just couldn't find them. Probably a good time since we were quite sloshed by the time we got to mexico.

    SK: It was fun but something that you will want to do sans kiddo.

  4. Oh that sounds like so much fun. AND very tasty.

  5. Your eyes were looking kind of glassy halfway through the post. ;)

    I'm not a ginger fan either but sign me up for ice cream.

    And poor JR, having his mispoured Guinness. Not cool.

  6. Mmmmmm...that ice cream sounds delicious. Actually, it all sounds awesome. I can't believe I just ate lunch and I"m reading this post and wanting more food.

  7. Traveling with you is a delight!

    Here's one to you!