Friday, September 9, 2011

Conversations at about 5am

As I've said in the past I get up with JR every morning to make him breakfast. Don't I sound all domestic-like? HA! He does all the laundry.

Anyway, our mornings consist of my making breakfast (thank heavens for automatic coffeemakers because if I had to do that for anytime longer I'd have probably poked my eye out with something very pointy.), pouring coffee and tripping over the pets who are hovering around begging for cheese, milk, or vegetarian breakfast sausage (they love it. JR? Not so much but he eats it.). While JR is busy getting his lunchbox and work paraphernalia together and turning on the computer for me.

I sit with him while he eats, drinking as much coffee as I can (coffee IS consciousnesses in a cup after all) and checking on emails, blogs, and the news. We chat. About things from our day before, night before, day coming up, how great our kids are, how lucky we are because they are healthy and happy and pretty much patting ourselves on the back for being good parents. Though most of the blame back slapping should go to them because they survived us, as parents. Why yes, we do take all the credit! (I'm fairly sure they are thinking about how lucky they are that they escaped us with only minor quirks. Even though the youngest is still here but let's not go there today) JR tells me about the game (turns out it was football) he watched last night. My eyes glaze over.

It is usually a right nice-full time. All peaceful-like. We connect before our day begins. Before life gets in the way. Before traffic and obligations.

And sometimes we have conversations like this:
JR: Juan said yesterday that his vacation was in that month that he couldn't pronounce. I said February? He said yeah. I said well that's okay I can't roll my Rs.

Me: I could never do that either.

JR: I think it's like rolling your tongue, some people can and some people can't.

Me: are you saying that rolling your Rs are genetic?

JR: Yes, Yes, I am

Me: are you sure you want to make such a broad statement about genetics this early in the morning?

JR: Sure, why not.

Me: for one thing you know I'm gonna have to call you on it.

JR: Cool. Go ahead.

Me: Okay, if you think you're man enough. First off, it is not statistically possible that everyone that is a native Spanish speaker can roll their tongue but all of them can roll their Rs. Secondly, your brother can roll his Rs but I have no idea if he can roll his tongue or not but you can so there is a strong possibility that he can. Because you share the same genetic make up. He can roll his Rs because he's spent his whole adult life in one Latin American country or another. That makes rolling your Rs a learned behavior. Not one of genetics. So before you start making those sweeping statements know your scientific facts buddy!

JR: Why, the Republican candidates don't.

Are your morning filled with scientific/linguistic diatribes and political zingers?
Or are we just odd?
Wait, I might not want to hear the answer to that last one.

Have a nice weekend everyone. I'm off to South Carolina until Thursday so if you don't see me that's the reason.



  1. I do the laundry, but if a big breakfast is called for, Nick makes it.
    Your conversations remind me of ones Nick and I have in the evenings after the boys are in bed.
    Have fun in South Carolina.

  2. I think I would have been lying on floor laughing in convulsions if I had overheard that conversation!

  3. I can't roll my R's either and yes, our morning conversations are usually filled with odd facts too but we have kids screaming in between.

    Can't wait to meet you crazy kids!

  4. At that hour it's a blessed wonder you both are not treating in alternate burst of seven consonants followed by twelve vowels.

  5. Your brain works REAL good thereabout 5 am! I am impressed. My first activity on weekday mornings is driving my oldest to school around 6:40, usually with crust still in the corners of my eyes. Intelligent conversation is just not happening right then. I think my tongue is usually still asleep. Though I'm pretty sure I could still roll my Rs. My kids though, most certainly can not. Nurture wins! Suck that nature. ;)

  6. Actually, it IS genetic - people who are native speakers of languages with rolled Rs tend to overwhelmingly have that gene because their predecessors all had that gene.

    Case in point - I am Caucasian and cannot roll my Rs to save my life. My ex-husband is Hispanic - he can. Oldest Son cannot roll his Rs because his mother is genetically deficient. Darling Daughter can, and because she inherited far more from her father than the ability to roll her Rs, she taunts her brother with it every time it comes up in converrrrrrsation.

  7. I can actually roll my r's pretty well. But not at 5 am. I'd be more likely to roll a hand grenade towards anyone who actually expected me to converse at that time.

  8. I work days, hubs nights. Our conversations are limited to phone calls and days off.

    You two are hilarious. I think I can roll my R's. Others might disagree.

  9. I can't roll my Rs. John, of course, can. Sprite can. I am outnumbered two Rs to one.

  10. are funny for a librarian, hated the one in my college!
    hilarious blog you've got here!! :D

  11. I can roll my tongue but not my R's. ;) That convo cracked me up! And no, you're not odd - hubby and I have very similar mornings. So if you're odd, then we are too - which means we are in good company! ;)

    Have fun in South Carolina! :)

    Random Conversation with the Little Dude: RTT Rebel

  12. This is great! :) I wish we would be connected like you guys!