Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Paths

 It's that day. 
The day you sort of float a bunch of ideas out there just to see where they land. 
Join the fun with Stacy and the gang.

I took this picture with my phone on the second floor veranda of Oak Alley Plantation one of the days I was in New Orleans. I like it even though I know that a thousand people have the same shot. I had planned to do a poem about paths but my brain hasn't been in poem mode. I bet Jen could pop one out in a minute because she's clever like that but I have to really think about poem writing. And, then they usually are greeting card silly.


 I still haven't found my camera from the move yet and it is starting to bother me. Sigh, it will turn up. 

I've got a 3/4 finished "My Misspent Youth" story sitting on my computer. One of my best I might add. I really should finish it. I promised Gretchen that I'd let her post it when she is on vacation again but it is really long. What do you all think about letting her post the first half one day and I post the second half the next? We post each half on the same day? Post all of it here and send her a shorter misspent youth story? Help!

We were hoping that by getting a place with the master bedroom on the second floor the Corgie would get more exercise (because he is a tad overweight. Like overweight enough that the last time JR walked him someone asked if he was pregnant.), you know going up and down the stairs. Meh...not so much. Tripper seems to have thought through the process and decided that there is no reason to come down in the morning because I'll just be coming up to get ready for work. After coming down to bark at me when I leave for work there is no reason to go up in the day time until it is time to go to bed. So in effect he has reduced the trips up and down the steps to the bare minimum. Smart/lazy dog. Nessa on the other hand follows me up and follows me down no matter how many trips I make. Usually she's at a dead run not more than a stair tread ahead of me. Then she stops and my momentum makes me plow right into her. Not a problem going up. Going down is a whole other issue. 
My new commute is twice as long and takes me half as long. Go figure. Who knew that when you have no traffic lights and all freeway miles the commute would shorten up. I was never any good at math.

The mosquitoes have been particularly vicious at this new place. Possibly because there is much more greenery surrounding it. Anyway, I have a bite right on the tip on my left index figure. That itches like crazy! 

Okay, that's enough for me. I have to get ready for work. Tripper is now laying on the couch in the living room. Trust me, he will not bother following me up the stairs when I go to get ready. That would be too exhausting.



  1. Happy Random Tuesday!!
    Mosquitos bites anywhere on the fingers are the worst. Itches like crazy!!!

  2. Could be worse. The mosquito bite could on the underside of your foot!

    Great randomness!

  3. I am quite fortunate that I rarely need to go up our stairs to the second floor (the master is on the ground floor), because 1) The Boy's room is up there, and I'd rather just ignore the stench and B) Scooter would for sure kill me accidentally because while I'm walking up or down, he is ZOOMING up and down repeatedly.

    It is, apparently, quite the fun game to scare Mommy out of her wits.

  4. Our dog must be first any where we go in the house--and most especially outside. We try to let him out first and in first or he takes out Bruiser on the way.
    But if we are on different floors, or I head to the basement and he thinks I'm coming back up, he will settle it the top of the stairs and wait.
    I'm not sure if he's clever or lazy.

  5. An ode to poems:
    Sometimes the road you're walking on is not the path you wanted to take,
    Sometimes the decisions awaiting you are not the ones you wanted to make,
    Sometimes the scenery you're passing by deserves a longer look,
    To keep yourself reminded by the path which you just took.
    It makes no sense... Or does it?
    Done in 2 minutes. I know.

  6. That wasn't an ode to poems at all, was it? :-)

  7. That is an AMAZING shot! And I'm giggling at Jen's 2-minute poem. ;)

    I think you should have Gretchen post the first 1/2 of your Misspent Youth story, and you post the finale on your blog - why not keep up with the suspense? ;)

    Tripper sounds like a trip...heh! and Nessa is just like our dogs on the whole dead heat a stair tread ahead - but stops and waits for me to plow right over them. I'm surprised I haven't taken a nose-dive down down the stairs with those two...yet!! :)

    Funny how no lights and all highway driving tends to shorten the actual commute time, isn't it? Even though you're driving further, your gas mileage should be better, too. ;)

    Thanks for rockin' the random with me again! You ROCK! :)

    Target and Sears Issues, BFFL Phone Play Date - RTT Rebel

  8. Oh, I hope you find your camera soon. Ever notice how some things you don't even miss, but the stuff you really want right away drives you batty? (Can you tell we are still recovering from our move last year?)

    funny - word veri is "dogard"

  9. Mosquito bites just bite! ugh
    Wish my 450 mi commute to WY would get shorter but dont think SD will make a straight road just for us. Would be nice tho. After all being in transportation we do pay lots of taxes just for roads.
    oh well.

  10. The mosquitoes are hardcore here too, the kids are covered and their bites swell to the size of a quarter. I've never had a bite on the tip of my finger, that is a strange spot!

    I hear ya on the lazy dog. We've got one "up the butt" dog and one lazy lump who the vet dances around telling us he's a fatass. He hides in the bedroom ALL DAY and sleeps and has gained 11lbs since we moved here.. We just switched to weight control food and are trying to get him a little exercise but you know, life is hard so he's not at the top of the totem pole. Bad parents... maybe he and Tripper could join a doggy fitness group together?