Thursday, July 28, 2011

And now for something completely different

So yesterday was really dramatic and a lot of work. That whole 2 day post took over a month to write, rewrite and rewrite again.

Personally, for someone as lazy as I am this was exhausting. 

Way too exhausting for me to continue for any length of time. 

That means that today you get pictures of flowers. 

And porches. 

And rocking chairs.

While I recover. 
Talk among yourselves.



  1. Years ago I remember conversations had by my New York aunt about Shaker furniture. At the time, being a teenager, I could never figure out what all the fuss was about. I looked at them and thought them brittle.
    BTW, just an FYI. Next time you tell the story about the snakes. Make certain to tell that the thing landed on your lap. A lap covered by a bikini brief and f$(% all else. It's more creepy somehow.

  2. After recovering from the horror of a large fangy snake landing in a lap, it's nice to see flowers and porches.

  3. What Vandy said.

    Purty, purty flowers and rustic rocking chairs. Ahhhhh...

  4. Oh good, I like porches and flowers. And if I were to talk amongst myself, people would think I'm insane. But it may get me out of work early...

  5. Your rocking should just sit out there and rock and relax and rock some more. Maybe with a mint julep.


  6. Ooooh! Is that at your new digs? Can I come visit and look at the pretty flowers and hang out on the porch and be lazy with you? I'll bring wine! ;)

  7. Just looking at that restful and cozy spot makes me lazy too. I think I'll join you.

  8. Why, thank you. After that snake story I need someplace to sit that has a wide area of visibility around it. Beautiful pictures.

  9. Flowers and porches are okay with me. Sounds like I need to catch up on a couple things.