Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'll be playing catch-up for awhile.

While I was in New Orleans I didn't do any blogging and I didn't really visit many blogs. There just wasn't time. Now, that I am home I still am not going to be able to catch back up. 

This is moving weekend. Can I say that this is a truly painful process. So sure, we are moving into a really big place with lots of closets and bedrooms and bathrooms it will still stink. I, also, would like to go on record as saying that it is not so much the actual moving day that is so bad (we are not fools. we hire people to do the heavy stuff) it is the setting up the utilities (I hate you Direct TV, you loathsome money grubbing a$&holes). 

When one calls to change service from one place to another there is always a service change charge. I find it interesting that there is a charge even when a technical person doesn't have to show up at the door. Conversations seem to go something like this:

Sales rep: Thank you for your continued business. We have all the information that we will need. The fee for transferring your account from one location to another will be ??? (name outrageous sum here). 

Me: But, I thought you said that you didn't need to send anyone out to the location. That all you had to do was update the address in your computer.

Sales rep: That's correct. It is all done here. Saving you time and money.

Me: How is it saving me money if you are charging me?

Sales rep: We don't have to send a technical service rep out to the site.

Me: but I'm paying for someone not to come out to the site?

Sales rep: Well, technically yes but it would have cost you more if we had to send someone. Think of the cost savings.

Me: So, how much am I saving by not having you do a damn thing?

Sales rep: (...)

Me: Yeah, I thought so. You don't know because this is the same charge whether you send someone or not. I'd like the technical rep to visit me tomorrow.

Sales rep: But, Mrs. R, we don't have to send someone because I already changed it on the computer. It's all done on computers these days.

Me: I understand that but I'm paying the same fee to have someone come out as I am to have you do it in your office, so I want someone to come out. 

Sales rep: It doesn't work that way. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Me: Are you just asking because you are supposed to or because you really are interested? Because there is something you can do for me. You can send a tech services person out so I feel that I am getting my service fees money's worth. 

Sales rep: I was just supposed to ask.

Me: I thought as much. 



  1. Which proves that utility and phone companies are essentially the same on this side of the Pacific too.

    And when they ask

    "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

    what they really mean is

    "Is there any other way I can get some $$$ out of you?"

  2. Here they charge you when you use a debit card. But we're getting the EU competition people on the job.

  3. The only thing worse than having a something like your satellite or cable transferred is trying to make a change to your cell phone "contract" - you know, that thing you sign so you NEVER EVER LEAVE VERIZON, er, your cell phone provider, without paying an insane amount of money. Because the minute you make *any* kind of a change, they lock you into another two years.

    Sorry about that...had to vent. I feel your pain.

  4. I just moved in Dec. I feel your pain.

    We paid movers to do the heavy lifting this time - worth every penny.

  5. absolutely cool post. for the record, i spent 45minutes waiting for the IRS to pick me up this morning, i still have not received my refund!

    utilities rock
    compared to to Big Pickpocket.

    fun visiting. :-)

    luck on the move!


  6. Show us photos of your new cool that is going to be!

    Have you tried DISH? We moved to DISH for exactly the reason you are talking about with Direct TV.


  7. Haaaaaa! Nice. That's absolutely what they mean. They have a wonderful script to read from, though.

    I always casually mention that I'm thinking of going with the competitor. Just a thought.

  8. There are many blessings to living in tiny town rural area and having locally owned cable which is very similair to my mom's headache Direct. And we pay less for the same stations.
    AND...when something doesn't work they are always kind and helpful.
    Love them. Wish we could share them with you!

    My container garden made the trek here and is thriving. Well...when we remember to water it that is! Amazing what water does to plants that suffer in 105* heat all day!
    Enjoy all the space at the new place.

  9. Makes me glad Jamie works for the cable company and we get all of our services for free. They are all aholes, even the ones at his company (but not him, jeez!).