Saturday, May 14, 2011

Testing-blogger fail-just click cancel for the authentication request

Now that Blogger has come back up I need to test it a bit. There seems to be some sort of authentication piece that has attached itself to my blog. According to the blogger forum it is because I've used a photo or link  from another site that required authentication or it is a widget that isn't working. I can't think what photo or link I've used that requires authentication because I usually only use stuff that I have access to and that all of you can get to also. I'm a librarian. We are all about access. I've been playing with my widgets also. It may also be that I got rid of some of my picassa photos to save space. Since, I backed up my posts I think I may just have to resort to deleting earlier posts. Annoying but necessary.

Blogger is still fixing things from their end so maybe this thing will just go away. Maybe it won't. 

So in an effort to get rid of this crazy thing I'm going to do some testing. Hold on because the ride might get bumpy.



  1. I had a horrible time with blogger yesterday. Glad you are back up.


  2. It had to be Blogger. I would never ignore you.

  3. I've about given up with Blogger.

  4. Blogger's atrocious outage last week confirmed in my mind that all the hair pulling frustration of 'winging it' on moving to a self-hosted site was worth the trouble. ;)

  5. I had DTs when Blogger went down. Cheers Michele!!