Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some photos from my trip to Chapel Hill, NC

Just a couple to things from my trip

We don't have these in Houston.
It makes me sad.
This is one of the oldest buildings on the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill.
The corner stone was laid in 1793 and was the first building on campus. Old East as it is called is still used as a residence hall. 

The reading room at their rare books library. Isn't it cool?

 Their digital lab needed a piece of equipment that would play and digitize wax cylinders. So they had one built. I don't have access to any wax cylinders but I want one of these anyway. In fact, I want a whole bunch of their equipment. I had a serious case of digital lab envy. 

We went to a Durham Bulls game. They won, 12 to 6. It was fun though it has been so long since I've had ice cream that I sort of made myself sick. They didn't call it ice cream. They called it frozen custard. Tasted like ice cream to me. 

And, the picture you've been waiting for...
Me with a Smurf. 
Jim (an archivist from Rhode Island) looks like he being goosed by the Smurf. It was kind of scary. 



  1. Hmm. I think I have some coworkers who would be interested in that wax-cylinder digitizer!

  2. They absolutely should not be able to grow Hydrangeas either. If I have difficulty at 52' and on one of the wettest spots on the planet not actually UNDER water. They most certainly are doing something like lifting them and growing in a coolroom.

  3. I am jealous of you and the smurf!
    You just lived my childhood dream.

  4. Oh, good - my Giant Blue Smurf curiosity has been satisfied.

    Love the rhododendron; ours is in bloom, too. It's just too darn hot down there in Texas for 'em.

  5. I would have LOVED to have been in that reading room...just to be near all those very old books.....


  6. Damn, now I want to be goosed by a Smurf. That reading room looks wonderful.

  7. Ahhhh, you weren't that far from me!!!! Glad you got to see what their system is like at that school. :)

  8. Another fun trip!! And a gorgeous one too with the beautiful hydrangeas.
    I didnt even know Smurf's were around anymore!!!

  9. The pic was worth the wait! I don't think I've ever met a costumed life size Smurf. You have all the luck.

    And Chapel Hill is awesome--I'd love to live there.

  10. Papa Smurf! You're so lucky! That reading room is pretty cool and I love the hydrangeas. They were in my wedding table centerpieces but I've never been able to keep any alive here in FL.