Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The First 10

I've done this before but I thought I'd do it again because,

A. it was fun
B. it was mildly entertaining
C. I'm incredibly lazy

If you guessed incredibly lazy you win the prize...of nothing. Sorry no prize. Why no prize? See item C.

Here we go with my first 10 StumbleUpon hits.
1. Pizza Monkey Bread Recipe. Gaby is taunting me with delicious bread products. This is excessively cruel since a couple of weeks ago I gave up bread. Yes, I am bitter and pitiful.

2. Tofu Burger Recipe. This I can make or at least I can if I use some other type of flour, like almond, as the binder. I always keep a pound or two of tofu in the freezer. You never know when you are going to have a tofu emergency.

3. Beautiful doggie.  It's like the people at StumpleUpon know me. Oh wait, I put that I like dogs on my profile. It is a amazing what you can write into an algorithms.I'm not exactly sure what an algorithm is but it sounds all smart and snotty. "Damn it Jim, I'm a librarian not a mathematician.

4. Strangers. This is exactly the way that JR and I met. No, not really. We were standing in the lunch line when he asked me to go to a soccer game. I said sure as long as I could invite my husband. He said, uh okay. I didn't go out with him that time. I finally said yes after my separation. Much classier that way.

5. Steven Humour. I found the Disney advertising an interesting juxtaposition to the sexual humor. Juxtaposition is the correct word, right? I could look it up but see item C above.

6. Abandoned Technology Scattered Across The Globe . I love old stuff and technology. Did this person read my mind?

7. Instantsfun. This made me giggle because I'm a dork.

8. Shelf pod home.  I could build this and I bet I'd only hurt myself once or twice in the process. If I let JR help I'd get hurt 3 or 4 times and he'd come out without a scratch. That seems to be how our marriage rolls. I won't go into further examples.

9. The World According the the United States.  I am sad to report that some people in the United States are bigoted idiots and they really think this way. I'd like to apologize to the rest of the world. Check out some of his other posters. I didn't post them because they didn't meet my family friend vibe that I've got going here but some are very funny.

10. Bedroom Designs.  Wow! I like modern design just as well as the next gal but these are just plain annoying. I hope the person that owns number 4 doesn't walk in their sleep. They'd get doused. (keeping it family friendly, keeping it family friendly. That's my new mantra.)

That was my first 10 StumbleUpon hits. Not exciting, just barely interesting.


PS: Cap't Dumbass; the painting is done. I'll be popping it into the mail on Saturday. God knows when it will get there. I think the tiny underpants took a couple of weeks. Uh, that sounds bad. It's not what you think.


  1. Why did you give up the evil wheat? :)

    I have to admit loving the bedroom in the middle of the swimming pool, but the rest of

  2. Hee Hee...Tiny underpants. Cheers Michele!!

  3. The instants fun made me laugh too, and I'm sending it to my son. He's in the middle of exams this week and this will make a fun break for him! lol

  4. Those weren't boring at all - they were quite entertaining!

    Especially your note to The Captain...I'm still giggling! ;)

  5. Awesome bedrooms!! I would love to have a tree growing thru the roof.

  6. Sweet! And I'm not commenting on the tiny underpants, let the mystery live on.

    PS. I am not a vegetarian.

  7. Are you giving up bread...or gluten?


  8. MOST IMPORTANTLY I hope you aren't taking Statins. There is no benefit (especially for women) and all kinds of disastrously horrid side effects.