Thursday, April 28, 2011

It seems I have a bit of an obsession

This time of year I seem to fixate on flowers. Maybe, because so many are blooming and I've had a low grade headache for weeks. 

I love flowers. 

I love everything about them.

How they look.
How cheerful they make a room instantly feel.

I've been known to buy 2 or 3 bunches in the middle of winter just to brighten my house (I know! I'm such a spendthrift).

I love the colors
The many many colors. 
Purple is a favorite of mine. I think it is because I'm old of mature years. We look better in purple.

And, the smell!
OMG! the smell!
The stinkier the best.

I love to plant smelly flowers right near the door of any residence that we live in. It seems more welcoming to our guest to have a sweet smell right before they enter the, what is probably not nearly as sweet smelling, house. So buying and/or planting flowers is not so much of a luxury but a courtesy to my guests. If any of you come to Houston you can thank me then.

You know what does not grow here?
and it makes me sad.

In fact, none of the flowers I took pictures of on Saturday last grow around here very well but if you saw yesterday's post you can see there are compensations. That fence full of jasmine and the magnolia trees? 
Too die for. 
Just the scent alone is intoxicating. 
Sort of like living in Phoenix when the orange trees bloom. Or in southern Indiana when the wild dogwoods bloom. 
Just goes to show that every place has its compensations if one just looks for them. 
Even the rainy Pacific Northwest.

I hope you enjoyed the flowers from the unusually sunny Portland, Oregon farmers market. I've got more Portland related posts coming up. Included but not limited to the biggest resale bookstore in the United States, Powells, and a picture of me on a camel. I bet you can't wait for that one (snicker)


PS: Pseudo has a Travel Thursday thing going so if you can find the time head over to visit other bloggers who either travel or visit their local sites and like to share.


  1. I hate to say it but that plant you call Jasmine is Confederate Jasmine(Trachelospermum jasminoides). Not that it matters over much but you need to be careful of the sap if you've 'delicate' or sensitive' skin.
    On the Lilac, I think of death when I smell it. And I've no notion why.
    I'm curious, whats the predominant colour in that part of Texas. I'd have said rusty reds and turquoise/powder blue

  2. Vince: Since, Texas was a Confederate state the name makes sense. I'm not very delicate, skin or otherwise, so I'm not going to sweat it.

    When I see Calla lilies I think of death. Funny how we each have different perceptions of scents and sights.

    I think you are thinking of the southwest such as El Paso, Albuquerque, or Phoenix. Houston is very sub-tropical. A lot like New Orleans or Mobile. Which just means that there are about a thousand shades of green.

  3. I love it when the lilacs bloom here, but that won't happen for another few weeks. We don't even have leaves on the trees yet. The trees are thinking about it but know the minute they do we will get 6 inches of wet snow.

  4. I planted lavender right by my door in my last house for the same reason you do. I love that smell! I love having a bouquet of flowers in the house for a pick-me-up too!

  5. My lilacs are going to be fantastic this year.

  6. I keep seeing hydrangea everywhere, need to plant some of my own.