Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hats, my second favorite fashion piece

I WANT the hat on the right.
I was going to title this Hats, my second favorite fashion accessory but they aren't really an accessory for me. They are more of a over-garment. 
Great big Picture hats
I'm not exactly sure when wearing hats went out of fashion. It feels like the mid-sixties to me. It's a shame because hats are terrific. They can make a statement or just be for fun. I'm not talking baseball caps here. Baseball caps are throw away at our house. JR wears them every single day until they are shreds, throws them out and grabs another one to wear to shreds. They keep the sun off his thinning-hair very white Irish head.

Love love love both of these hats. Even though the bow on the right one looks like it might start flapping its wings and fly off her head. Still love it. Wouldn't wear it quite like that. I also wouldn't turn up my nose at their traveling coats. I do draw the line at the corsets they are undoubtedly wearing.

Graduation caps and gowns sure haven't changed much. Reminds me that graduation is coming up. I have yet to get my regalia. *sigh*

I have about 8 hats that I wear pretty consistently. Nothing like this stunning creation. Mine are much more utilitarian. 2 for cold weather, 2 sun hats, 2 driving-type caps, and 2, what I like to call, perky hats. They are not really good for anything except to look adorable. And, the do a fine job of that. I have about 6 that I wear on occasion and a couple of fancy hats. The fancy hats don't come out very often. There just doesn't seem to be a need. They sit in their hat boxes.

If I could find a bowler just like these gentlemen are I snap it up so fast blinking would be out of the question. I should get one for JR also. He could wear it when his hiking hat is too casual. Don't even get me started on how cute the cap is on the little boy on the left. 

The two white hats in the middle? I wish they were mine. In fact, I'd wear just about all of these hats with maybe the possible exception of the one on the far left. It is a little too fussy for me but the rest of them? I'd pay pretty good money for them. Speaking of how much hats cost...they can be fairly steep. I think the most I've paid is $50 and that is still a bargain. The least is the hat I wore into work today, $8. Good luck trying to find a milliner. there are a few in Houston. They even have a hat club

Hat Etiquette (none of these rules apply to baseball caps. They are for outside wearing only!)

Women never doffs (tips or takes it off) their hat.
Women do not have to remove their hat inside or for the National Anthem. 

it is perfectly acceptable to doff your hat to a lady.
Outside the hat in on
Inside the hat is off
Tuck you hat under your elbow with the inside facing you.
For more on this subject is Wiki-how-to

there are a ton of other hat dos and don'ts for women and men that you can find on the internet. The ones above are just the basics. I'd hate to steer you wrong on hat etiquette. 
Do any of you wear hats?
Do you think you look stupid in hats? 
Does your head look like some native tribe has shrunk it when you wear them?
Do you hate hat hair?



  1. I just bought a giant black sun hat. I'll think of you when I wear it. I definitely look stupid, but looking stupid is better than being sun burnt.

    Have a great day.

  2. I usually use a baseball cap for bad hair days on the weekends. I have a sort of Aussie hat that snaps up on the sides and has a chin string for wear when we four wheel and camp. It keeps the dust off my hair and the sun out of my eyes. I like hats, but they give me a head ache of they are to tight and with the regular wind we get here, I'd spend more time chasing them than wearing them.

  3. Okay, where's the picture of all of YOUR hats, hmmmm???? My mom still has her adorable little 50s hats - beads and sequins on silk or velvet (think Liz Taylor in the 50s), even one with a little square of mink fur. No leopardskin pillbox hat, though, sigh. JR would look simply smashing in a bowler! You should indeed try to find one for him.

  4. I love hats too. I wish men still dressed in suits and top hats when going out in public. Mostly so we could all do that gangster look.

  5. I love hats..not hat hair, but hats! The bigger the better or those cute little ones with veils!


  6. You should collect hats & display them on the wall. Women do however, have to remove their hats in court, I was told I didn't have to. Then the bailiff made me take it off. :(

  7. LOL, a bowler for JR. Well, it's a valid choice for some that live on my island. But why are you going out of Rome for your man's headwear.

  8. Hats are so much fun. I wish I had more opportunity to wear them. I love that my boys both willingly wear hats. (Did you see the picture of LG in his cowboy hat?) All summer they wear hats in the sun (for head and face coverage, but the cute factor makes me smile). I REFUSE to put them in ball caps, though. Bucket hats or straw boaters all the way.

  9. I actually look quite spiffy in hats. None seem to fit me because of my rather large head, but once on, it's a keeper.

  10. I love the hats men used to wear back in the 40's and 50's. My current baseball hat is older than all my children.

  11. I just LOVE these pictures. Turn of the century, early teens are a favorite period to look at hair and clothing.

    I don't wear hats on a regular basis. I'm tall enough. I do have a few sun hats which I wear, usually in the convertible when I have to pin them to my head. Paul wears hats. He becomes so upset when he sees a ball cap being worn inside. I'll have to tell him that Wiki agrees.

  12. My mother loved hats, and wore them all the time. She'd have loved this post.

    So, what's your favorite fashion piece?

  13. Jan; That would be earrings. I'm addicted to earrings.

  14. I look terrible in hats, but I have hat envy.

  15. Hats. I was always amazed at Princess Di's hats and am glad to see Kate wearing such cute ones now too.
    While in Minneapolis last week my sis and I were checking out all the hats at Von Maur. Wowsers. Huge fancy and spendy.
    There are local churches here that the ladies must wear hats.

  16. A bunch of women (about 40) at my church started a hat club in support of my friend who had brain cancer. She didn't want to wear a bandana or wig. So they all got her a different kind of hat and also wore one all on the same day. It was the first day back to church after brain surgery and she was a little self concious. It was a good thing.
    I only wear a hat when I go to the pool.

  17. Every year my church choir heads down to South Central LA to a millinery called One Of A Kind Hats. We all by our Easter bonnets, then eat soul food at a restaurant next door. Actually, I think we may be going shopping this weekend, Easter's almost here. We all wear our hats on Easter morning - it's become a tradition. Parishioners now look forward to seeing the choir on Easter!