Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RTT = weekend roundup

I will be using rodeo and/or Texas expressions throughout this post. Why? Because it is rodeo season here in Texas or should I say southeast Texas. This state is so danged big it has to sit down in shifts. Another reason for what may be a post rampant with rodeo/Texas euphemisms is because my friend of 33 years, Sally and her husband can down to the Houston Rodeo to see Sally's favorite country star, someone by the name of Brad Paisley. She says that she refrained from making a cake of herself. I'm not sure I believe her. I'm pretty sure she was as crazy as a peach orchard sow when Brad stepped off the stage and into the crowd. Anyway, they were in town for the weekend so JR and I took them on a whirlwind tour around the area. 

First up:
John (Sally's husband) eats a steak the size of his head. With a bone that looks like it would boom-a-rang back to you. We kept waiting for the table to tip over just like Fred Flintstone's car.

Then we took them to a local place that makes beignets.

And, while the beignets at Crescent City are no where near the tasty fried dough and powder sugared goodness of Cafe du Monde's in New Orleans these are nothing to sneeze at. Or they are when you snort up a load of powder sugar. We cowboyed up to eat 2 orders of them lickity split.

Then we took them to the Johnson Space Center. Where the trams where named after planets (or space missions, I not sure which). I tweeted that I was hoping to get on the Uranus tram only to have my hopes dashed when we boarded the Neptune tram. Truly disappointing but as they say, If you can't handle the ride, don't climb into the chute.

Then they went to their concert. While they were there Nessa must have felt left out of the fun. In a fit of pique she gutted one of her toys (called babies in the Dog's Life household). Some days she is all horns and rattles

Actually, gutting babies is a past time that she enjoys. As she does it on a fairly regular basis. 

The wildflowers have started to bloom

I decided to get in while the gate's still open to grab some photos for ya'll.

Next, we drove down to Galveston. While waiting an interminably long time for our breakfast this showed up:
It was so ugly it looks like the dogs have been keepin’ it under the porch. Yes, that is purple carpet covering that thang. 

Then we left the restaurant to go to Moody Gardens

We were in tall cotton at the Aquarium. 

I was as happy as a gopher in soft dirt that Sally and John came down to Texas to visit. After ferrying them around for the weekend I think they plan to come back real soon. We will have to discourage them from coming in the summer because is it so hot the hens are laying hard-boiled eggs then. October and November are good months though. 

Well, ya'll come back now, real soon.



  1. What a lovely weekend travelogue. That steak is a thing of'm sure it was at one point. Cheers Michele!!

  2. That carpet covered car was very interesting. I just have to wonder why?

  3. Wonderful post!
    Cracking up laughing at the purple shag car...

    Happy RTT!

  4. I feel like the carpet is more trouble than it's worth!

  5. Carpet on your car seems like a mold magnet to me. Blech!

  6. Carpet on a car - and purple no less? CRAZY.

    The visit with your friends looks like so much fun! And Brad Paisley....*swoon*

    I would have been waiting for the table to tip over with that steak, too.

    What kind of dog is Nessa? She looks just like my former dog, Elvis - he used to love to gut his toys, too. ;) I miss him (and his toy gutting). :(

    Wii Bowling and Champagne Making - RTT

  7. This whole post had me teary-eyed and homesick; I completely broke down at the sight of the bluebonnet field.

    And that purple shag car? Would do quite well up here in NE Ohio; you should SEE some of the rollin' iron they drive around these here parts.

  8. You're an excellent tour guide. Everything looks like a fun time.

    I think Nessa gutted that toy as a warning to your guests not to get out of line. ;-)

  9. If they really want to surprise someone, they should cover the interior of the car in sheet metal and then paint and wax it. :-)

  10. Love the country references. Nessa and my dogs both love gutting toys. The dollar store has some cheap ones and my brother used to buy bags of stuffed animals from thrift stores so his dog could gut them cheaply.

    That bone is HUGE, too bad you didn't get on the Uranus tram with it, then you could have gotten boned in Uranus.

  11. Ride 'em cowgirl!

    How I really want to make steak for dinner - which is the opposite reaction I really get from your blog :)

  12. LOL - I enjoyed that. Your idioms are "as full of wind as a corn-eating horse"

  13. I want to carpet my mini-van now.

    Oh, and guess what came in the mail yesterday! The boys were super impressed with the underwear.

    I was going to rewrite that, but I think I'll just leave it so the next commentor can ponder it.

  14. Beignets, Mmmm.

    That is one crazy purple carpet car! Weird!

    Happy Tuesday!

  15. There was a time as a kid I could have given you a run for your money with the Texanisms. I was one of those kids that read late and to catch up went through three small nearby libraries. You know that lib's tend to stock to the readership which in this case consisted of rural farmers causing there to be shelf upon shelf of authors like Zane Grey, Louis l'Amour and JT Edson. Anyhows 'see ya'all'.

  16. Now that was a fun read. Sounds like you guys had a great time.

  17. Carpeted car? Thats what we need up here in frigid country!!!

    LOVED the wildflowers. Sooo pretty!

  18. I wonder if that carpet car needs to be steam cleaned?

    I used to have a plaid one, but that's as crazy as I got.

  19. I'm just in disbelief over that carpeted vehicle. That is crazy!!!

    So is that enormous steak your friend ate!

    Oh Nessa....she really did do a number on her toy.

  20. Oh man, that's what I miss most about Texas, a steak bigger than my head. Sigh. When I was little we used to go to the Texas Prison Rodeo every year. THat was SOME adventure.