Tuesday, February 8, 2011

RTT - painting progress and Stumble Upon stuff

 Thank God it's Tuesday
That's not right, I want it to be Friday.

  • First thing I Stumbled Upon this morning. Do nothing for 2 minutes this is a lot harder that is sounds. Go ahead and try it. We can we 2 minutes... Did you make it for the whole two minutes?

  • I love my phone but I hate Hate HATE the auto spell feature. Looks like I'm not alone.

  • Painting progress

Step 1 & 2: draw out the basic shapes and start to paint it in.

Step 2 & 3: paint some more

Little more work on the hair and ear to go.

New painting table. My back will thank me.

Everyone uses a 100 year old child's chair for a work seat, right?
And, everyone has a purple and gold Christmas ornament hanging from a piece that their dad carved so that the Feng Shui is right, right?

Go forth and multiply randomly. That's not right. Go forth and randomly multiply? No that's not right either. How about, just go visit other randomers.


PS: I'll be in the Washington DC area in March and quite possibly NYC if I can find a couch to sleep on. 


  1. eventually this

    This is Francis Bacons studio. I consider him to be 'the' best painter of the 2nd half of the twentieth century.

  2. Vince: I really don't like to show how truly messy my studio is but Francis Bacon studio gives me hope that it is alright to be a bit messy.

  3. Yes, makes my day, every day.

  4. I'm not cool enough to have a phone with autocorrect. Nor to paint while sitting on a 100 year old child's chair. But I think I can pull off the two minutes. I'll get back with you on that one.

    Happy RTT!

  5. G MAN!!!!
    Sigh, John told me he wants to commission another painting from you when we're done with paying off all our debt. Only a year away, but maybe we can get away with an order by Christmas???
    Now, I need to take the perfect picture to get this started.
    BTW, the painting is getting a new home...

  6. Not only are you amazingly good, but you're fast! That's some progress already on G-Man! Love it!

    And I love your new painting table - and the 100 year old child's seat you sit in. ;)

    RTT: All About Nothing

  7. I wish I could paint. or draw.

    Once upon a time, I was a whiz with a comb and a pair of scissors! (I used to be a hairdresser)

  8. The milk crates holding up the table in front of the antique child's chair are a nice touch. Painting, of course, is beautiful! Yay, we both still have our matching purple feng shui Christmas thingees hanging from something our Dads made. Spooky, huh?? q:-)

  9. I also linked to Damn you autocorrect. It has become Nick and I's daily laugh. And thanks for the suggestion to stumble. I love it.

  10. Wait, you have a Droid, right? Turn that shit off, I hate the autospell too. Makes me look like an idiot.

    That picture is perfect! And the painting too! Whose kid is that? I'm waiting to get a great shot of the kids on the beach so you can make me one too. Woot.

  11. Beautiful table and even better painting! I bet the books were the easiest par for you.

  12. I do absolutely have a great dislike for auto spell on my new BBerry.

    Love the new painting.

  13. I read ALL of "" the other day and I was literally crying I was laughing so hard.

    Painting looks awesome (of course!)!